Seven bars, eight months

Man jailed for stealing chocolates

courtA 41-year-old man who said he had nowhere to live was sentenced to eight months behind bars for theft.

Andrew Sylvester Moore pleaded guilty before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant today to stealing seven chocolate bars valued $48.30 belonging to Collins Limited.

Presenting the facts in the No 2 District “A” Magistrates Court, Prosecutor Sergeant Janice Ifill revealed that Moore entered the store and walked to the area where the chocolates were displayed on the shelf.

A security officer pursued and apprehended Moore after he dashed out of the store.

The stolen items were found hidden in his pants.

“Ma’am I live on the streets . . . I stole the seven chocolates to get something to eat,” Moore told Cuffy-Sargeant after he was asked whether he had anything to say.

The magistrate then asked Moore, who is known to the law courts, what he was charged with when he appeared in court last year.

“Theft Ma’am,” he replied, after which the magistrate asked what he had been charged with before that theft charge.

“Theft Ma’am,” he repeated.

A check of his criminal record revealed that Moore had several previous theft charges and convictions.

One Response to Seven bars, eight months

  1. Hal Austin August 19, 2016 at 2:24 am

    Once again it is that magistrate Cuffy-Sargeant, this time bullying a homeless man, and using his previous as justification for imposing a eight-month sentence for stealing chocolates.
    What is the cost of keeping this man in jail, the real cost of the chocolates.
    As he homeless man he is now guaranteed a bed, three meals a day and a regular change of clothes. There will also be cost for personnel to look after him, including administration and employing dubious magistrates.
    In fact, he should have been reprimanded and discharged and court welfare called in to find a hone for him.
    How is jailing this man going to make Barbados a safer society? Where is the chief magistrate, the chief justice, the attorney general?
    I believe Cuffy-Sargeant has a serious psychological problem.C


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