Govt should try to walk in Barbadians’ shoes

The economic situation is not as rosy as the governing Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is trying to suggest, Member of Parliament for St Thomas Cynthia Forde said Thursday as she painted a bleak economic picture of Barbados.

In her contribution to the debate on the 2016 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals, the Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) politician suggested members of the Freundel Stuart administration were living in an alternative universe.

“I have tremendous difficulty in understanding what the Democratic Labour Party does, if they do not walk about. The Rubbing Shoulders programme and all the other things that the Barbados Labour Party do in canvassing, reaching out to people, attending situations where people have their problems – challenges , house fires, slippages – we hear their plights. If you step in the church, they pull you back to gain your attention. They usually ask, ‘when will we get ease? We are not coping. Our houses are up for sale’ and you can see it every Sunday in the newspapers where houses are up for sale,” Forde said.

The outspoken parliamentarian cited several cases of young people with university degrees who had difficulty finding work.

One of them, she said, was her granddaughter who had to resort to selling ice cream.

“Where is the hope for young people in Barbados at this time? I told my granddaughter go and sell the ice-cream because when you get the money your hand will not have on sugar or cream or a cone, it will have on the images of former leaders of this country and distinguished pioneers in our history,” she told the House of Assembly.

The BLP legislator expressed particular concern for parents who were having a difficult time finding the funds needed to purchase school supplies for their children who are getting ready for the new school year.

She also recommended that retrenched workers of the National Conservation Commission and Beautify Barbados should be contracted for the de-bushing programme for which Sinckler said $5 million was being set aside.

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