Sir David wants action to speed up cases

Former Chief Justice Sir David Simmons is calling for the establishment of a steering committee to examine recommendations to remove the bottlenecks in the criminal justice system.

Sir David said Monday there was no shortage of recommendations to deal with the vexing issue.

In fact, he told Starcom Network’s Down To Brass Tacks that as far back as nine years ago, 102 recommendations arising out of a two-day symposium for judicial officers were submitted to Government, and all that needed to be done was act on those proposals.

“Recommendations were made which everybody accepted. What you need is a steering committee to take those recommendations, see what require legislative action, what require administrative action and what can be dealt with by the stroke of a pen from somebody in authority and get them done,” he said.

While highlighting the bottleneck which currently plagues the local judicial system, Sir David recalled that a local magistrate had shown that the process could be accelerated, took his experiences, built on them and introduced them in Bermuda with the greatest success.

“So there are mechanisms and techniques and approaches that can be brought to bear on the system to make it function more efficiently. It also involves the human element,” Sir David explained.

Sir David, one of Barbados’ legal luminaries, pointed out that the abolition of preliminary inquiries was one of  the recommendations. 

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