‘Splashtastic’ Sunday

Crystal Cove of Elegant Hotels helped some of its younger guests cool down from the summer heat today with ‘Splashtastic’.

Children could be seen frolicking in the ocean or huddled around the inflatable water balls.
Despite the initial challenges with the setup of the water slide, parents and children remained enthralled for remainder of the evening.

Manager of the Kids Club, Stephanie Mayers said this weekend’s event was one of several activities organised by the club during the hot summer months.


“We decided that you can have the sun and instead of running from it, you can have fun in it.

“We just wanted to give them [a taste] of what some of the kids do for summer here in Barbados”, Mayers said, adding that other activities included Family Fun and Kadooment Day.

The curtains will come down on the summer programme with the Beach Extravaganza next week. (KK)

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