Sheer hell!

Halls Road residents in mosquito nightmare

Residents of Halls Road, St Michael are crying out for help to fight a mosquito invasion that they fear could lead to a spread of Zika and other viruses.

The frustrated City residents told Barbados TODAY they had been left to battle the infestation alone, as they pointed to a large area of bush and a nearby dirty canal that provide the ideal breeding grounds for the aedes aegypti mosquito.

 The unsightly garbage at Halls Road, St Michael.
The unsightly garbage at Halls Road, St Michael.
Canal filled with bush
Canal filled with bush

“The ministry wants to lock up people for breeding mosquitoes and look at out here,” one vocal member of the community complained. “The only MP we does see is the ones on the police,” he further lamented, referring to the absence of Member of Parliament for the area, Richard Sealy.

“No tourists don’t come ‘bout here so dem ain’t care ‘bout we,” added a shop owner who gave his name as John. The proprietor added flies, rampant in the area because of garbage pile ups, to the list of flying insects that posed a serious health threat.

According to people living in the community, the canal was only cleaned ahead of Argofest, which takes place at the nearby Queen’s Park in February, and for the remainder of the year they were being forced to battle “thousands of mosquitos”.

“Everybody in this gap had chikungunya,” an emotional business owner, Wade, said.

Former Parliamentary Representative David Gill told Barbados TODAY that he feared the situation in Halls Road could inevitably lead to breeding conditions for the mosquito that carries yellow fever.

He described the ordeal that residents faced daily as “sheer hell”.

“All they have to do with that canal is put concrete on the base and give a complete hard bed and it should be easier to maintain, and done in steps going down so that it would not backup inland,” Gill suggested.

Member of Parliament for the City Jeffery Bostic said he was aware of the problem and had held a town hall meeting with residents to discuss the issue.

“I am pursuing the matter,” he said. “I am putting something together to send to the ministry.”

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