Police: Ten out of 12 Grand Bahama murders solved

NASSAU – Of the 12 murders in Grand Bahama, ten have been solved and police are assiduously searching for two wanted men – one for last Saturday’s stabbing incident and the other in relation to a fatal shooting on May 29.

Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Emrick Seymour warned that it is a serious offense to harbour wanted suspects or felons and stressed that the police will not hesitate to arrest persons who do so.

“There have been instances where family members assist persons to evade justice; we want to let them know it is a serious offense and it is against the law to be harbouring any wanted felon or suspect, and we will be arresting them and charging them as well,” he said.

Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Emrick Seymour speaks to the press.
Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Emrick Seymour speaks to the press.

Snr ACP Seymour is appealing to the public to assist the police in locating Jaret Pinder, 38, who officers want to question in connection with the stabbing death of 22-year-old Tashard Barr at East Sunrise Highway on Saturday.

He said they are also searching for Desmond Wilson, 30, who police believe can help in an investigation into the shooting of 22-year-old Dexter Bellamy of Forbisher Circle on May 29.

Snr ACP Seymour said that the murder rate for Grand Bahama remains around the same to date when compared to last year.

He assured that Grand Bahama is safe and that there is no need for fear as most of the murders committed this year were the result of “unresolved differences” between persons.

“We examined the 12 we had, and most of them occurred over unresolved differences between the parties. There appeared to be disagreements which resulted in the loss of life. It is sad where we cannot resolve differences peacefully without resorting to violence,” he said, referring to the two recent stabbings at Drake Avenue and East Sunrise Highway.

“The incidents are senseless. We are concerned in the police department over these senseless killings because we feel if more level heads can prevail in those incidents, those persons would have been alive today.

“We want to send a call to members of the public to try to seek peaceful means to resolve differences and not to take matters into your own hands,” Snr ACP Seymour said.

He commended officers for quickly resolving the two recent stabbings on the island.

“Shortly after the incidents we had persons in custody,” he said.

“I am satisfied with the crime statistics where at this time of the year we are seeing a significant decrease in the number of serious crime across Grand Bahama. With the exception of those recent murder incidents, all other crime stats are down significantly, and so the question as to whether the City of Freeport or Grand Bahama is safe, as far as we are concerned is a non-issue because I can tell you as chief police officer (for Grand Bahama) we can say resoundingly it is safe. So there is no need to fear. We have everything under control, along with the continued partnership of the public.”

Source: (Tribune242)

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