Double trouble

courtA family dispute landed a pair of twins before the District “A” Magistrates’ Court Wednesday.

However, Micha Makeda Waite, 17,  and her brother Mikel Ramario of Lot 81 2nd Ave, Canevale Crescent, Christ Church received different fates when they appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Douglas Frederick on separate charges.

Micha was remanded to prison after pleading guilty to possession of an offensive weapon, namely a knife, while Mikel was granted bail on a charge of wounding his twin.

The charges stem from an August 9 incident.

According to the facts read by Prosecutor Sergeant Martin Rock, lawmen responding to a report in the area heard a commotion, which sounded like a number of people arguing.

On investigating, the police observed that Micha was armed with a kitchen knife. They ordered that she drop the weapon and she complied. However, while arguing with her mother, she said to her brother: “You have to come out of that house sometime.”

Meantime, Mikel pleaded not guilty to a charge of unlawfully and maliciously wounding his sister on August 9.

He was granted $3, 000 bail with one surety and ordered to return to court on October 17.

Micha, on the other hand, was remanded until August 26 after her mother informed the court that she was unable to accommodate her daughter at her house at this time. The mother then suggested that her aunt stand bail on her behalf and for Micha to reside with the said aunt.

However, as her aunt made her way to the dock to post her bail, Micha told the court: “I don’t mind, I don’t mind going to prison.”

That outburst took those in the No 1 Magistrates’ Court by surprise.

Frederick complied even while making it clear that he preferred to keep young people out of jail.

Micha returns to court on August 26.

2 Responses to Double trouble

  1. Brien King
    Brien King August 11, 2016 at 1:08 am

    Well , when you state your position, don’t be surprised when you get that stated position.

  2. Leroy August 11, 2016 at 8:13 am

    Sometimes you get what you ask for.
    Let her go study herself and learn from her attitude and big mouth.


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