$200 fine for stealing flying fish

courtAn unemployed man from Christ Church who stole 10 packets of flying fish was ordered Wednesday to repay $200 in compensation.

Wayne Stanford Bynoe, 48, of Bournes Land # 2, Christ Church confessed to stealing the fish from the home of Emelda Bourne between August 3 and 4.

Presenting the case, Sergeant Martin Rock told the court that Bynoe, who has known Bourne for a number of years, did odd jobs around her house as he was deemed unfit to work. As payment he was either fed or given cash.

On August 3 Bynoe was at Bourne’s house cleaning the yard where she kept the fish in a freezer. The court heard that she was not feeling well and went to bed, leaving Bynoe unsupervised. The following day she discovered that the fish was missing and reported the matter to the police.

Bynoe admitted that he stole the fish because he was hungry but later pointed out to the police where he sold the items.

He has until September 9 to pay Bourne $200 or spend two months behind bars.

Acting Magistrate Douglas Frederick also placed him on a bond for the next three months. If he breaches the bond he will be required to pay $750 forthwith, or spend one month behind bars.

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