Mottley: Sir Frederick was a family man

Opposition Leader Mia Mottley saw the late Sir Frederick Smith as a committed family man more than a political operative.

In paying tribute to Sir Frederick in Parliament today, Mottley said independent Barbados’ first Attorney General, “without fear of contradiction was fully and totally committed to his family”.

“My knowledge of Sir Frederick did not come through politics, but through his family. Unless he was in Bridgetown at the law courts or at a location in Marhill Street, with whom did you see him out socially all of the time? He would be with his wife.”

Mottley also spoke of Sir Frederick’s dedication to his children, Craig and Astrid Smith, suggesting that the rest of Barbados ought to take a leaf out of his book.

“Craig and Astrid did not get where they are by accident. I maintain that a lot of the difficulties that we face in this country today come from people feeling that they were not loved enough by people who mattered to them. I know fully that 90 per cent of the confidence that I carry today comes from the love and nurturing that I felt as a child.

“There is a common belief that politics must destroy families because of the demands that it places on people. Politics will only destroy families if families allow it to destroy them . . . I would say that once you are organized and understand that you have a duty to your family as well, you can make the time, while at the same time serving your constituents, your party, your government or the opposition,” Mottley said.

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