Bullen escapes with warning after oversleeping

COURT TODAY BLOCKBe at court on time!

That was the message from Acting Chief Magistrate Douglas Frederick to Michael Fernando Bullen earlier Monday, after Bullen turned up late for court.

Bullen, 44, of Chapman Street, The City is accused of assaulting a woman with intent to rape.

When his preliminary hearing came before the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court Monday morning, the magistrate, Bullen’s attorney Roy Hurley and the prosecutor were all in place, but no Bullen. The accused arrived in court after 11 a.m.

When questioned about his tardiness, Bullen said he overslept.

The court reminded the accused that he had been granted bail in the matter and ought to have been there on time. Bullen was originally on remand but had subsequently been granted $5,000 bail.

“I am warning you . . . don’t let this happen again because this is a foolish excuse,” Frederick said before adjourning the case until November 9.

“Go along, quick,” he added, “and make sure you don’t oversleep that day.”

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