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Robber on phone charge remanded

courtA 50-year-old St Michael man was today remanded to HMP Dodds for robbery.

Winston Decourcey Clarke Jr of Marshall Gap, New Orleans, St Michael is accused of robbing Samuel Agard of a $300 cellular phone and $50 in cash.

The unemployed man pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Douglas Frederick.

However, Prosecutor Sergeant Martin Rock objected to bail on the grounds that Clarke had 30 antecedents, some of which were for stealing. Rock also told the No 1 Magistrate Court that the virtual complainant needed protection from the accused.

Frederick accepted the grounds put forward by the lawman and ordered that Clarke be remanded until September 2.

2 Responses to Robber on phone charge remanded

  1. Hal Austin August 6, 2016 at 10:11 am

    Again the magistrates are acting like officers in the Gestapo and punishing people fore being poor. What about conditional bail, including tagging and/or a curfew?
    Victims should have no say in sentencing or remands. Some jobs are exclusively for the state, unless you are in the US.

    • MICHAEL LINDO August 6, 2016 at 10:32 pm

      So what you are basically saying is that this man– who by the way has 30 convictions– should have the right to rob /steal and escape punishment due to the fact that he is poor?


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