Fat Child hearing postponed

Hearing of the court case in which the Town Planner has sued leading waste hauler Anderson Fat Child Cherry has been put on hold.

Chief Town Planner Mark Cummins told Barbados TODAY this afternoon that the case, which was scheduled to be heard on July 29, was adjourned.

However, Cummins said his office had not been given a new date for the hearing.

The Town Planner had ordered Cherry to shut down his multi-million dollar waste disposal project at Lears Quarry, Lower Estate, St Michael, maintaining that the operation had not received planning permission and it posed a threat to the island’s drinking water supply.

But a defiant Cherry, owner of Jose Y Jose Liquid and Solid Waste Management Inc, refused to budge, claiming he was not breaking any laws, nor was not dumping illegally. Cummins had repeated this position when asked by Barbados TODAY for an update on the operations of Project Recycle Limited which is using the quarry at Lower Estate to dump and recycle garbage.  He has said that no authorization had been given for any such development in the area.

Cherry opened the recycling project, which he had said would turn green waste into compost and soil mix and he would export all other recyclables. The prominent waste hauler has accused Cummins of targeting him, while similar businesses were left untouched. 

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