Cocaine user sent to Psychiatric

He had no idea what community service was, but that’s what Antonio Daren Smith asked a Bridgetown magistrate to impose on him as punishment for a drug-related charge today.

Smith, 20, of Spruce Street, The City, made the request after pleading guilty to having apparatus which he intended to use in connection with cocaine, on Tuesday.

Around 10 o’clock that night, police were at Greenfield, The City when they saw him sitting on a bench with one fist clenched. When they asked Smith to open his fist he did so, revealing a ginseng bottle with one end burnt and mesh at the other.

When Magistrate Douglas Frederick questioned Smith about community service, the young man said he had never done it but had heard about it.

“If you admit to using cocaine, then you don’t want community service,” the magistrate countered. “You need help to get off of it.”

Asked how he got into using the substance, Smith replied, “somebody indulge me into it”.

Magistrate Frederick then informed him that the court was not only for punishment but rehabilitation as well.

He then remanded the youngster to the Psychiatric Hospital to be assessed with a view to rehabilitation. On August 24, when Smith returns to court, it is expected that either or both of his parents will be present.

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