Weary revelers make it to Spring Garden

By the time the bands reached Spring Garden for the climax of the Crop Over festival this evening revelers were hardly gyrating with the vigour with which they started, despite the continuous range of pulsating rhythms.

Even before the bands passed the Frank Worrell roundabout people were limping, some assisted by friends as they made their way to the end of the journey. Others simply stopped along the sidewalk to take a rest, and still others sat on the back of vehicles provided for them to rest.

However, what would the sweetest summer festival be like without a healthy mix of tourists?
Some first time visitors told Barbados TODAY they believed the bands were too spaced out. However, they all agreed that they had fun despite the sweltering heat.

Revelers were tired by the time they reached Spring Garden.

One visitor from Italy, Antonio Cappelletto said it was his first time experiencing Kadooment.

“It was very hot and we had to walk far. But we enjoyed it. It is my first time. I think the bands were too far apart,” he said.

A visitor from Miami who only gave her name as Imani, told Barbados TODAY she has been to a number of the fetes across the island during the Crop Over festival.

“I love it. It is my first time in Barbados. It is my first time for Crop Over. I had a ball,” said Imani.

The band entering Spring Garden with the most vibes was perhaps the Revelers Band, which was the final band that would incorporate anyone who did not get the opportunity to jump with another band.

It got to the final location approximately 6:15 p.m.

However, what was most noticeable about that band, which included scores of revelers, was the heavy police presence under which they enjoyed the jamming down the road.

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