Station Hill ideal liming spot

Station Hill is undoubtedly a popular liming spot for spectators on Kadooment Day and it is no different this year.
Scores are having a grand time as they take in the Carnival atmosphere.

As revelers parade in colourful costumes, dancing to sweet soca songs old and new, young boys and girls and even older men and women were seen shaking their bumpers and wukking up.

Spectators quenched their thirst with water and alcoholic beverages, as they sought some relief from the heat. Young entrepreneurs with packed coolers were also enjoying sales of drinks along the routes.

“I love my festival. I take my vacation to [come] home to watch the bands. I’m watching the people enjoying themselves in the bands and it got me thinking about jumping next year,” one spectator who is visiting from Canada said.

Revelers on Station Hill.

Meanwhile, Tiffany Collymore told Barbados TODAY she did not mind looking after her nieces and nephews as their parents jumped from the National Stadium to Spring Garden Highway.

“Once the children get something to eat and have a good time I good. I just don’t want them getting too close to the trucks though so I got to watch them. I don’t mind watching them though cause my jumping days done,” Collymore said.

The only complaint from the spectators at this time is an apparent delay in the time the bands passing.  (AH)

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