It’s rigged

Todd says many disadvantaged by ‘two Barbadoses’

Government Senator Patrick Todd today spoke of a system that is “rigged” against the “have-nots”, resulting in unnecessary crime.

And the former Member of Parliament for The City called for a homogeneous society that would lead to a reduction in number of criminal cases reaching the law courts.

Speaking today in the Senate on the Magistrate’s Court (Amendment) Bill, 2016, Todd urged Barbadians to do their part to prevent the creation of “two Barbadoses” that give rise to “the haves versus the have-nots”.

Stating that many young people felt the system was rigged against them, he said there were cases where residents of working class districts were convinced that if they were to apply for jobs and put their home addresses  – the alleys or the gaps –  they would not even get an interview.

“They are convinced about this. They also complain that some of their close relatives that live in more privileged parts of the country, be they heights or terraces and crescents, actually disown them. They would not want anyone to know they are related. This is not to be encouraged. We must be our brother’s keeper and we must not forget where we came from, and we must lift each other up and respect the dignity of human life.” Todd said.

The senator suggested that in a fair and just society Barbadians would rest well at night confident that the probability of someone breaking into their homes was reduced because people were feeling a sense of justice and that they had an equal opportunity to feed themselves and their families.

The Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office claimed that what prevailed, however, was an economic system which many felt was rigged against them.

“Many of them are convinced that they are marginalized by the system. I am saying that we as a society must reflect on these issues that can give rise to crime.”

Expressing sentiments similar to those expressed by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart at the National Consultation on the Society on Monday, Todd called on the Church to play a meaningful role in creating a homogeneous society.

He also argued for the teaching of ethics and morality in schools, claiming that many of those who committed crimes could not differentiate between right and wrong.

“Many of us take it for granted, but when we hear from time to time of people being killed because one person stepped on somebody’s toe in a public space and a fight broke out because of uncontrolled anger, the issue of conflict resolution has to be addressed if the level of criminal activity is to be reduced,” he said. 

4 Responses to It’s rigged

  1. Smiley July 28, 2016 at 8:55 am

    It’s rigged ? I don’t think that the present government care about the poor ,we got tricked into the old DLP legacy of caring for the people.This new DLP care about themselves.Shame on you guys,took away jobs,carry up taxes ,uwi students had to drop out or go into debt , lost your legacy and the blame game continues. You all politicians are a careless bunch.D AND B alike.

  2. jrsmith July 28, 2016 at 11:35 am

    It has come to past bajans has bred they own them and us society, because the lack of controlling the not trustworthy politicians. With the (Bs) in promises wait and see, out they go no joy, then comes the (Ds) in promises wait and see, and wait and see until election, then we will have another decade of failure…
    Our non productive politicians is preventing any prosperity to come to our nation, because our politicians are in over they heads…

  3. Leroy Parris July 28, 2016 at 12:09 pm

    Come on Senator Todd, are you coming to terms with guilt. I for most of my life have experienced that as you termed it “two Barbadoses”. I grew up and learnt at an early age that on this little island life was for those who have and those who have not. Why don’t you come clean and stop dilly dallying. For generations it has always been the case of where and what district you lived in that related to if you were successful at obtaining certain jobs. To be quite honest, I will eat humble pie and congratulate you for saying what is hurting you deep down. However, please remember that they are lots of so called families in the big up neighbourhoods who have to help shoulder part of the blame. Take a tip, get on your bike and get into the villages, the alleys and the gaps and pay the boys a visit. Am quite sure it will be well appreciated.

  4. Donna Harewood August 6, 2016 at 11:10 am

    Mr. Todd actually walks.


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