GUYANA – Cops probe $300m heist at Sanjay’s Jewellery

GEORGETOWN – Police are probing an alleged $300M heist at Sanjay’s Jewellery, in which bandits are said to have held businessman Sanjay Persaud at gunpoint before fleeing with a massive haul in cash and jewellery from his Sheriff Street, Georgetown premises last Saturday night.

Detectives were told that four masked gunmen, including two who reportedly spoke with “Dutch accents”, also carted off the Digital video recorder (DVR), from the surveillance cameras, thereby thwarting police from viewing footage of the ordeal. Police sources said that the businessman’s licensed firearm and cell phone were not taken.


Footage collected so far from other nearby businesses has been of no assistance to investigators.

Sanjay Persaud told Kaieteur News that he had just gotten home and was about to open his gate when a man, who was holding an open umbrella though there was no rain, pointed a gun at him.

The businessman said he was the only one at the premises and had no security guards at the time.

“The guy stick me up and say, ‘This is a stick up.’ I opened the gate and throw away my phone and the padlock.”

He said that after he opened the gate and entered, three other men also followed. All were reportedly armed.

According to Persaud, the men warned that they would kill him if he did not cooperate.

“He asked me where is the keys for my business and I told him where it was.”

On being told that the keys to the jewellery store were upstairs, two of them escorted the businessman upstairs. Mr. Persaud said that the bandits asked for his DVR, which he gave them.

They then entered the store and collected millions in jewellery before escaping. He was reportedly unable to say whether the robbers used a vehicle.

Persaud also said he did not recognize any one the men, but said that two of the intruders spoke with “Dutch” accents.

No one has been arrested.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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