A great loss to Barbados!

Dear Editor, The passing of Sir Frederick Smith is a great loss to our nation state. I can attest to Sir Frederick’s exceptional representation of the St. Michael South Central constituency.

He went about fixing roads, repairing and getting houses for constituents and securing jobs.  He was also a great listener and treated all constituents with honesty and humility. All he would say to a constituent after assisting him or her with finding a job was: “Put your best foot forward.” He never promised what he could not do.

However, it was a conversation, at a gas station, after he had decided to resign from Parliament that truly revealed his way of looking at things. I thanked him for being such a fine representative and told him that I was sorry he had made that decision.

His response was vintage Sleepy: “Well I thank yuh but I done wid that. Can you believe that I only beat Charlie Hinds by a large pack of cigarettes?”

Rest in peace, Sir Frederick!

–– William Skinner

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