Bag thief handed three years in jail

Romel-Allder-489x650After terrorizing women in the Christ Church area late last year by snatching their handbags at knife-point, 29-year-old Rommel Jamar Allder was today sentenced to three years behind bars.

Acting Magistrate Alliston Seale handed down the sentence to Allder, who has no fixed address after he confessed that he committed the crimes between last November and December.

According to the facts which Station Sergeant Rudolph Burnett outlined, the woman were each threatened and robbed separately. Some were on their way to work, while others had just disembarked public transportation when Allder followed and approached, demanding their handbags. He also rode ahead of most of the women on a bicycle or motorcycle and robbed them as they passed.

In the majority cases he either showed the women a knife or pointed it at them in a threatening manner.

One victim suffered an asthma attack after she was robbed. In one instance, a woman, who ran away screaming before the robbery, fell and she handed over her bag while Allder knelt over her.

The thief asked one of the women to use her cellular phone and then proceeded to ride off with it. She held on to his shirt and ran alongside him as he rode, before Allder stopped and shoved her off.

Yet another woman hit him with her umbrella when he first sought to rob her; it was only when he continued advancing that she handed over her property.

Asked to speak to the Oistins Court today before he was sentenced, Allder, who is already serving a sentence on other matters, explained that at the time of the offences he “was smoking nuff cocaine.

“I wasn’t living nowhere and I went and get a child . . ., ” he added.

“Wait! You did smoking cocaine, didn’t working nowhere and went and get a child? From who? You see what society coming to?” Seale asked.

Responding, Allder smiled and went on to explain that during his current incarceration, he was attending Narcotics Anonymous and Project Change among other programmes at the prison.

“I start to change my life, I turn another page and I would like the court to be lenient on me,” he said.

However, the Acting Magistrate wanted to know how lenient he could be when Allder had armed himself with an offensive weapon and had “terrorized women” who were probably “on their way to work earn an honest dollar”.

Taking into consideration that the convicted man had saved the court time by pleading guilty, Seale sentenced him to three years imprisonment, beginning today, to run concurrently on the 13 charges.

Allder originally appeared in the Oistins Magistrates’ Court today on 17 charges. However, he later denied three of them, while one was dismissed after the complainant said he no longer wanted to offer any evidence.

Allder had been charged with stealing Ronald Doughty’s motorcycle last November. However, Doughty, an inmate, told the court today that he “done wid dah because he (Allder) got nuff charges already”.


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  1. MICHAEL LINDO July 19, 2016 at 8:45 pm

    This guy is a danger to society. Maybe next time he’ll be up for murder.


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