Woman steals money, phone and slippers

A young woman who burglarized a house while the owner was asleep, was remanded to HMP Dodds last Friday.

After considering her guilty plea and the facts of the case, Magistrate Douglas Frederick determined that Samantha Latoya Stuart, who is homeless, needed some type of intervention.

He therefore remanded the woman until August 5, when she will return to court. Stuart stole $240, a cellular phone and a pair of slippers belonging to Edwin Hunte.

According to the facts presented to the court, Hunte was at home last Wednesday when the burglary occurred.

However, he had left his door open because of the heat.  And while watching television, he fell asleep, leaving his cell phone on a table. He also had a pants inside the bathroom with cash in the pocket.

He awoke after 9 p.m., secured his premises and went to bed. When Hunte got up the next morning and searched for his phone, he could not find it. After checking his pants, he found that the wallet was still inside but the money was gone.

The court heard that Stuart entered the house through the front door while Hunte was asleep, took the items and exited by the same route.

Police found the phone on her while she was being interviewed at the station.

When the magistrate questioned the woman about her living conditions, she admitted to being homeless for the past month. He also spoke to her concerning the potential danger had the homeowner awakened and found her inside his home stealing.

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  1. kathy-Ann Clarke July 12, 2016 at 2:11 pm

    Wow, she is bold, suppose when she went into the bedroom, someone was there to lick her up. Or even the same owner had woken and catch her.


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