Black Lives Matter

My brothers and sisters, if you are outraged as I am at the latest killings of black people in America this letter is for you. I want to encourage you in your grief and simultaneously chide you, then empower you. I want to let you know that hope isn’t a strategy, you can’t just hope that America changes, life doesn’t work like that. So how can we bring about change and even start a movement?

Let me cast your mind back to apartheid in South Africa and acknowledge the tactics that worked for bringing about change. The world mobilized in a shaming and sanctions campaign against the ruling elite and that certainly helped alongside the ground movement led by Nelson Mandela. Without delving into history of this and other incidents, this is what I propose.

What you can do as an empowered and enlightened citizen:

Contact your local American embassy and express your disgust/ sorrow and demand that America changes.

Advise your local ambassador to America of your disgust and request that they convey these messages.

Encourage others to do the same in your country and other countries.

Rinse and repeat until it becomes a movement and American embassies worldwide are only listening to ‘Black Lives Matter’ complaints.

Support and encourage ‘Black Lives Matter’ groups on social media.

It is beyond me why worldwide governments especially regional governments and African governments don’t chastise this behaviour. I suppose politicians don’t believe it affects them and that is where we as citizens need to demonstrate our interests in being our brothers’ keepers. So go forth and shame America for its blatantly racist behaviour.

(Craig Harewood is the investment director at OurinterestInc., an investment company that trades on global markets and from time to time assists small businesses and boutique investors.)

One Response to Black Lives Matter

  1. Jules Brown September 9, 2016 at 7:05 am

    The few incidents where police officers have shot and killed a black person unnecessary are not by Americans and not by all American police just a few individuals who will hopefully be investigated properly. But to encourage and radicalize people to come together against police and Americans is wrong, to encourage and radicalize that all white people are racist is wrong. People like you are creating a great divide and sending us back into historical times. You would be better to encourage people to better themselves, encourage them to find what they are good at and encourage them to extend on that talent. People, all people need goals, dreams, and hope of a better life. Not hatred.


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