Pan delight

Horns met steel last night at the annual Pan Fusion and it made for one awesome night.

The sweet sounds of steel pan and the rhythmic and soothing sounds of sax created the perfect mix for the hundreds of pan lovers who packed the grounds of Ilaro Court to kick off Pan Weekend 2016.

The Arturo Tappin band, complete with dancers, singers, pannists and drummers, brought the house down with their performance, which lasted more than an hour.

Arturo Tappin (centre) performs at Pan Fusion

Patrons enjoyed the show, cheering in between sets, showing their appreciation for the many different genres the band showed off.

The renowned saxophonist and his band teased the audience with some  good old soca, bringing back hits like Rupee’s Tempted to Touch, RPB’s Something’s Happening and Krosfyah’s Pump Me Up, to name a few.

A section of the crowd last night.

The band did well to honor and showcase the local music industry with Tappin, accompanied by singers Nikita Browne, Kristen Walker and Philip 7, performed several Spooge hits. They then took on the role of back-up singers when older artists like Luke James Kirton took to the stage with a rendition of ‘Without You’.

The crowd was also treated to the sounds of Xavier Strings out of Trinidad and Tobago, who thoroughly impressed with their sets, and also dedicated a performance to the late former Prime Minister Patrick Manning, who died last Saturday from blood cancer.

Following the smooth sounds of pan, Lil Rick took things up a few notches at the after party where patrons needed little encouragement to get on their feet to get a wine with the ‘wine thief’.

Lil Rick and Arturo Tappin on stage.

Pan Weekend continues today with the Speightstown Market and Pan Around the Town and will conclude tomorrow with Pan Pun De Sand at Brandon’s Beach. (DB/KK)

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