King chided for missing court

COURT TODAY BLOCKIt is unlikely that Keith Omar Troy King will ever miss a court date again.

Questioned by Magistrate Douglas Frederick today about his absence from court on July 4 when his assault case came up, King said he “had a little family situation” which was “a little personal”.

Telling him that he needed to “come better than that”, Frederick suggested to King that he could send him to a place where he would no longer have any family problems to deal with.

‘No, no, no Sir,” King said. “The date slipped my mind Sir.”

The magistrate then suggested that that the matter be settled “with a little cost”.

King has until September 8 to pay $150 in court costs or he would be forced to spend a month in prison. He remains on $2 000 bail.

The entrepreneur is charged with assaulting Anthony Edwards on December 15, 2015.

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