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Prisoner: anger management working

A St Michael man, who is currently serving a six-month sentence at HMP Dodds for assault, Wednesday had his application for bail denied, even though he told the magistrate that the prison’s anger management programme was working.

David Omar Anthony Narces of Brewster’s Land, White Hall made the application before Magistrate Douglas Frederick when he appeared in court to answer some other charges.

He is accused of threatening to kill Henderson Watkins on February 4, 2016 and of assaulting Watkins on the same date. However, Narces has denied the charges.

“I will feel more joy if I [hear] I getting bail,” Narces told Frederick.

In reply, the magistrate said: “Prison is not a place to feel joy. Sit down, relax yourself and serve your sentence.”

However, Narces, who has one more month to serve, explained that he was not looking to get out early, as he wanted to complete some programmes that he had enrolled in at the prison.

“[It’s] a bad, bad road I was on, off track. I had some bad, bad problems and they put me in an anger management programme and it working,” Narces said, as he went on to explain that he was looking forward to securing his freedom at the end of his six-month sentence.

“When your sentence done, I will hear your bail application and then we will talk. Not necessarily that you will be granted bail, but we will talk. You have laid a good foundation,” Frederick said.

Narces returns to court on August 25.

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