‘Dems’ no longer fit to lead, charges Hinkson

Pelt them out of office!

That was the crass appeal issued by Opposition Member of Parliament Edmund Hinkson last night to the people of Barbados in reference to the ruling Freundel Stuart administration.

Addressing a joint meeting of the Barbados Labour Party’s St James constituency branches at Queen’s College on Sunday night, the attorney-at-law, who was successful last week in challenging Government’s fingerprinting plan before the law courts on behalf of his client David Comissiong, said, “This fingerprinting case alone is enough evidence why the Democratic Labour Party should be pelted out of office without doubt and any ambiguity at the next elections”.

Noting that the Constitution gives all Barbadians and permanent residents the “unfettered” right to enter Barbados, and similar entitlements to leave, Hinkson accused the DLP Government of seeking to infringe the human rights of all Barbadians and permanent residents.

And while describing such constitutional provisions as “commonsense”, Hinkson questioned the wisdom of the Prime Minister, as minister responsible for immigration, “signing” the Immigration (Biometrics) Regulations 2015, and, “doing it without consulting the people of Barbados”.

He accused Government of sneaking the legislation “through the backdoor”, and in as direct attack on Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite said: “It is time for Barbados to decide whether the Attorney General that we have, the chief and principal legal advisor to the Government and people of Barbados, is fit for the job”.

Rebutting a claim made by Queen’s Counsel Hal Gollop that the judgment in last Thursday’s case was flawed because fingerprinting Barbadians was not yet law, but a mere idea, Hinkson brandished a copy of the Official Gazette of April 23, 2015, in which The Immigration (Biometrics) Regulations, 2015 was entered as a legal supplement.

“Once something is gazetted as a legal supplement it is the law of the land just waiting to be implemented,” Hinkson argued, adding, “I don’t know what he talking about”.

He also said that the regulations were gazetted six days after the Prime Minister “signed” the document, “but yet you have a Queen’s Counsel of Barbados saying it was not the law, it was a mere idea.

“I can’t believe that a young lawyer, far less a Queen’s Counsel would so misunderstand the law,” Hinkson added.

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  1. Carson C Cadogan July 5, 2016 at 2:02 pm

    Hinkson , how is your court case with George Payne going?

  2. Sunshine Sunny Shine July 6, 2016 at 4:52 pm



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