Late educator remembered at graduation

If Arlington DaCosta Edwards were alive today he would be happy to hear of the achievements of the graduates of the school which was named after him.

Edwards’ widow, Jasmay, shared these comments yesterday with the 2016 graduating class.

Principal Laureen Hinds had earlier revealed that the allocation of the 38 graduates saw 12 of them going on to The Alleyne School, four each to Queens College and Lester Vaughan Secondary and three each to Combermere, Alexandra, Parkinson and St. Leonard’s Boys.

Additionally, two students each will be attending Frederick Smith Secondary and Grantley Adams Memorial, while one student each is heading to Coleridge & Parry School and Darryl Jordan Secondary respectively.

Edwards added that he believed in education, and “would always say that children should read”.

“By that he meant read anything, including newspapers and even signs when you are travelling with your parents on the bus.”

Jasmay Edwards

During her short address at the Alleyne School Hall, she reminded the gathering that her late husband spent 15 years as Member of Parliament for St Andrew, and dedicated his salary to the now defunct day nursery in that parish.

He later opened the Federal High School, Edwards said, as she suggested that probably some of those in attendance experienced “how strict he was.”

Her advice to the departing students was to expect change as they transitioned to their new schools and embraced new subjects.

“Make sure that you choose good friends that will last you for a lifetime,” she stressed, as she wished them future success.

A representative of Federal High Alumni, Margaret Sealy, was also on hand to present a gift to the student who had persevered against all odds and a plaque to the top student.

Attendees were treated to performances from students in recorder, singing, steel pan, drama and dance; including a powerful and energetic dance from some of the male graduates which brought the house down. (SD)

2 Responses to Late educator remembered at graduation

  1. Carson C Cadogan July 3, 2016 at 8:32 pm

    I am wondering which member of the Barbados Labour Party ever ” dedicated his salary” to the building of a Day nursery?

    The Democratic Labour Party always had outstanding men and women in its ranks.

  2. Carson C Cadogan July 3, 2016 at 8:35 pm

    The present representative for St. Andrew has never done any thing for the Parish of St. Andrew other than to walk about the Parish in Red clothes.


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