Junior stars book place in finals


16 of the island’s rising calypso stars are ready to do battle for the Scotiabank Junior Monarch Calypso crown on July 23 at Kensington Oval.

After an evening of sweet rivalry in the semi-final round at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre on Saturday, A@-lee-ah, Dondree, Browne Star, Star Diamond, Sanshe, Sarai, Summa and Yahandje advanced in the eight-12 category.

Finalists in the 8-12 category from left to right: Reserve: Hannah Glow; Yahandje; Summa; Sarai; Sanshe; Star Diamond; Browne Star; Dondree; and A@-Lee-Ahh.

The reserve is Hannah Glow.

The 13-18 finalists are – Dynamo, De MC, De Overcomer, Ranaan, Raheem, RJ, Sparkle T and Quinn P.

Finalists in the 13-18 category from left to right: Reserve: Dria Mayae; Quinn P; Sparkle T; RJ; Raheem; Raanan; De Overcomer; De MC; and Dynamo.

The reserve is Dria Mayae.

On Wednesday, the finalists will present a lunchtime concert at the at Frank Collymore Hall. (DB)

2 Responses to Junior stars book place in finals

  1. dave July 3, 2016 at 8:50 pm

    Allison Hinds aint had a hit song since the year 1820
    These lil children should get some of the money and work that Allison getting. These kids were so professional in their performances . Raanan can perform anywhere in the world where calypso is performed . Respect to Allison Hinds but please get a Hit, you and Rupee too . He aint had a hit since 1652

  2. seagul July 4, 2016 at 5:52 am

    These children should first have high grades in school then music after….


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