Girl Guides launch Kadooment band

The Girl Guides Association of Barbados will present judges with ‘Beautiful Barbados: Land, Sea and Sky’ at Junior Kadooment on July 23.
Band leader Hetty Stoute-Oni told yesterday’s launch that the designer Nykeba Oni made sure to celebrate and identify the beauty of the island’s 166 square miles for the association’s first participation in the kiddies jump up.

“We have incorporated aspects of the 50th anniversary in the band for example we’re looking at our environment has [been] … pristine over the time and how by good legislation and prudent governance we have been able to keep pollution from our air and look after the sea and the shore lines.”

Kaia Jones-Goodridge representing the Rainbow contingent of the band. (Photo: Katrina King)

Her message for participants, judges and patrons, was “even with [our] small economic state we have been able to do great things”.

Stoute-Oni also suggested the creation of a Kadooment badge for Brownies and Girl Guides, saying “we have a culture badge, we wish we had something more local like a Kadooment badge but that is for the administrators.”

Designer Nykeba Oni with costumes. (Photo: Katrina King)

She stressed it was important for the children to engage and celebrate their culture despite the perception among some members of the public that Kadooment was too crude and common.

“We have to enjoy our culture, some parents complained and some Guides too that Kadooment is not the kind of focus that organizations like ours should have, but I totally disagree. We are Barbadian and it’s a Barbadian expression”.

The concept for the costume band was created by the 27th Brownies and it is divided into nine sections: Rainbow, Starry Night, Thor, Monkey, Nymph, Coral Reef, Flying Fish, Butterfly and Flower. (KK)

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  1. dave July 3, 2016 at 11:48 am

    What a Buxom Babe ! My type o gal -Yes !!! oh oh oh

  2. Pamela July 3, 2016 at 10:57 pm

    She is 12 yrs old and my daughter, and I most certainly do not like where your mind is at Dave whoever you are


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