Sorry dad

A young father was today placed on a six months bond after he pleaded guilty to theft charges.

Shamar Winston Hallam Proverbs, 25, of Barracks Road, Bank Hall, St Michael admitted to stealing $500 belonging to Harriet Holligan around noon Tuesday.

“It wasn’t intentional. I did it because I needed money for my little girl and I am sorry to the court for doing it,” Proverbs told the No 2 District “A” Magistrates’ Court this afternoon.

Police prosecutor Neville Reid revealed that the accused man took the money from Holligan’s bag, which contained $1,000.

The accused is a friend of the victim’s son.

He was left in Holligan’s boutique alone while the son and mother were conducting business outside. By the time Holligan returned inside the store, Proverbs had left. She then discovered that her bag was opened and the money missing.

Holligan then called the police and while she was being interviewed about the missing money, Proverbs returned. He was confronted and admitted that he stole the money.

He was searched and $450 was found in the waist of his pants. The accused told police he had given his child’s mother $50. She was located, admitted that she had already spent $10 on the child and returned the $40.

Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant asked the accused man why he returned to the store, to which he replied: “Mam, I returned to the store to give back the money”.

If Proverbs, who is not known to the law courts, breaches his bond, he will be fined $750 forthwith with an alternative of six weeks at HMP Dodds.

Source: Proverbs apologizes for stealing $500

2 Responses to Sorry dad

  1. Shane Paul Castillo
    Shane Paul Castillo June 22, 2016 at 2:48 am

    if he does not pay $750 forthwith the court can have leniency on him and consider giving him community service instead ( just a suggestion )

  2. Tony Waterman June 22, 2016 at 6:49 pm

    Not the way to teach you child how to be Honest, but Jail Time is NOT Necessary, Cleaning up Broad Street Might be more Appropriate.


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