Dad and daughter duo on semis list

A newcomer and a father-daughter duo are among the list of those headed to the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch semi-finals at Kensington Oval come July 1.

Those performers who would who be competing for a spot in the final were announced last night at the National Cultural Foundation in West Terrace, St James.

Adrian and Azizi Clarke are over the moon about making the semi-finals, and to be performing together for the very first time.

Azizi told Barbados TODAY: “I’m shocked about making the semis, because the song was released late. Looking forward to being on stage though. It will be the first time performing live with my father; so I’m very excited.”

Adrian, who is happy to know he can perform with his daughter, said: “I feel great. Feel good to see my little girl, who used to watch me on television, now getting to see what it is like for herself, especially after doing the Barbados TODAY online competition, where she didn’t even have to sing a note.

“She can sing and perform; so it should be fun. I know she’s a little nervous, because she is thinking about really singing the song; but with time she will be greater,” he added.

The veteran calypsonian said that overall he was glad to be in the semis of both the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch, and now had his sights set on making the Pic-O-De-Crop Semi-Finals.

The newcomer is Donnell, who will be performing Wet Me Down in the Party Monarch Semi-Finals.

Producer Adisa Andwele told the Press everything was in place, and that he expected a good show at the semis.

“We will have three competitions that night. As you know, the Bashment Soca Finals will also be held that night; so it will be lots of great music that night,” Andwele said.

The competition will start at 11 p.m. and should conclude at 4 a.m.

Peter Ram is the defending monarch in the Party Monarch, while Edwin Yearwood is the defending the Sweet Soca crown.

The semi-finalists in the Sweet Soca competition are:

Adrian Clarke –– How We Feting.

Biggie Irie –– Money Well Spent.

Damien Marvay –– Know The Face.

Don Trent –– New Day.

Grynner –– Turn On De Speaker.

Imani –– Journey.

Joaquin –– This Place.

King Bubba –– Call In Sick. Meet Me On The Road.

Leadpipe & Saddis –– Dreams.

Mikey –– CEO.

Mistah Dale –– Nuttin Sweeter.

Nikita –– Bun It Up.

Peter Ram –– Good Morning.

Sanctuary –– Bailer.

TC –– Wine And Carry On.

Yannick Hooper –– They Don’t Want Us To Fete.

The reserve is Coopa Dan –– Home.

The Party Monarch semi-finalists are:

AC2 (Adrian and Azizi Clarke)
–– Soca Season.

Blood –– Get On Bad.

Donnell –– Wet Me Down.

Edwin Yearwood –– Bore A Hole.

Faith Callender –– I’ll Be There.

Hypasounds –– Bam Bam Back.

iWeb –– Wuk-Up And Rum.

King Bubba –– One King.

Lil Rick –– Iza Bajan.

Mikey –– Live Fuh This.

Mistah Dale –– Mek To Fete.

Ramases –– Traffic Blocking.

Leadpipe & Saddis –– Make A Fete.

Sanctuary –– Smash.

Sir Ruel –– When We Get Away.

TC –– De People Place.

Reserve is Jimmy Dan –– If You Are A Bajan.

The July 1 Sweet Soca and Party Monarch Semi-Finals at Kensington Oval starts at 11 p.m.

The semi-finalists and/or their reps are asked to meet at the NCF headquarters on Wednesday for contract signing and to draw for positions –– for Sweet Soca at 5:30 p.m. and for Party Monarch at 6 p.m.

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