Time clogs that hinder business were cleared!

The recent emotional outburst by Mark Maloney in an interview with Barbados TODAY, after Town & Country Planning knocked down the Preconco hut at Lears Roundabout, betrayed the level of anger and frustration that had been burning inside.

To listen to the prominent developer talk about Chief Town Planner Mark Cummins was to catch a chilling glimpse of what the senior public servant would endure if only Mr Maloney could get his proverbial hands on him.

If nothing else, Mr Maloney would surely purge Mr Cummins at a stroke, confining the Chief Town Planner to a lifetime of mental experiments to try to find out what’s in his head.

The contempt was palpable, and Mr Cummins could not have attracted greater odium had he devoted all his time to being the law unto himself which Mr Maloney accused him of being, with the possible exception of sacrificing firstborn children. In the bitter battle of Mark vs Mark, Mr Maloney wants Mark out of a job and out of his life.

However, Mr Maloney’s searing rage aside –– along with the subsequent grandstanding by some of his acolytes –– there is a deeper issue at stake here; an issue that must be dissected and resolved once and for all.

Let us stress upfront that we will never endorse, encourage or support anyone breaking the law. And Mr Maloney or anyone else, for that matter, should not be allowed to flout the law as though Barbados is their private backyard.

In fact, we agree wholeheartedly with Prime Minister Freundel Stuart who, in discussing the issue with the media recently –– although not addressing it directly –– made it clear this was a country that subscribed to the rule of law, “not to the rule of fancy and personal preference”, and that a clear message must be sent that “the development of Barbados has to be ordered development and we can only have ordered development if people comply with instructions of the Chief Town Planner”.

Still, Mr Maloney has a point when he complained about the length of time it has taken Town & Country Planning to respond to applications for major projects.

Already entwined in a fight over a structure for Rock Hard Cement just off Spring Garden Highway, Mr Maloney accused Mr Cummins of seeking to jeopardize his Coverley, Christ Church project by refusing to issue any more compliance certificates — effectively barring him from selling any more houses there.

Preconco’s assistant financial controller Kirk Smith would later explain that several projects for which Mr Maloney was yet to receive permission were in jeopardy because he had yet to hear from Town & Country Planning despite submitting applications and the relevant documents months ago.

Substitute Maloney with any other name and the issue is the same. The wheels of business turn much too slowly here.   

Mr Maloney’s frustration was echoed by none other than Minister of Commerce and Small Business Development Donville Inniss, who, not for the first time, complained about the difficulty in doing business here.

Commenting on the public tussle between the two Marks, while staying clear of the legal tussle, Mr Inniss even hinted that he was prepared to quit the Government if things did not improve. By taking this stand, the minister
has put himself at odds with Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, exposing schisms in the Cabinet. Clearly, Mr Inniss and his boss are not on the same page on this, and it is left to be seen whether the minister will keep his word.

Of course, the pace with which Mr Cummins moves is symptomatic of how Mr Stuart himself has run the Government –– very slow. It may not be by accident that he and the town planner are in the same ministry.

This cannot be allowed to continue. Surely, better can be done in facilitating business and speeding up the process, while ensuring due diligence is done.

Mr Stuart himself has recognized this and recently designated Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Senator Darcy Boyce as the minister to deal with business facilitation.

It’s time for Senator Boyce to get down to work and clear the clogs that hinder progress before the malcontents such as Mr Maloney rebel.

3 Responses to Time clogs that hinder business were cleared!

  1. Miche June 20, 2016 at 11:17 pm

    All he vexed bout is the fact that whites no longer have the power to hog whip or kill a black person at their will and fancy

  2. BaJan boy June 21, 2016 at 6:42 am

    Miche if you think so u are dead wrong. The 7 white men who are running this country not only have power they have used it to get all the money. So just think again. The PM is a modern day come lately clown who thinks politics is blood sport and continues to play with people’s lives.
    What is needed is not for Mark Cummings to be able to do as he likes there needs to a well structured and legally developed framework for the chief town planner to follow. He should be giving permission when he like,how he likes to whom he likes. This system lends itself to massive corruption as is the case right now in Barbados.
    Mark Maloney knows what he has done for this government and expects reasonable favours in return. They have all be fitted from offering him the multi million dollar contracts and he expects certain favours in return, quite reasonable.
    The difficulty is that elections are drawing near and they now want to distance themselves from him to try and regain a little face and he is not having any of that.


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