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Movie night in the City

Members of the public were treated to the works of local film directors and students at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination during a special movie night on Independence Square.

The strictly Bajan movie night was staged by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and celebrated the designation of historic Bridgetown and its Garrison as a UNESCO World Heritage Site five years ago.

“This is a time for us to reflect and really investigate who we are as Barbadians, if we’re talking about building a world-class platform, whether it’s in the cultural sector or in the business level I think whatever we do, we need to present a face of something being uniquely Barbadian.

“It’s important that we know who we are even if we are talking about building the culture industries, it’s on that platform that we need to present uniquely Barbadian products that will be competitive in the world,” Senior Culture Officer Sheron Johnson told the gathering.


A section of the audience at Independence Square.

She also noted that the youth were spearheading the advancement of the cultural sector, particularly the film industry.

“It is a medium in which the young people can get their ideas across much more,” she explained, adding that young people have used film to speak about their lives and about issues affecting them.

However Johnson argued that the negative perception of the arts in Barbados needed to change for advancement to occur.


Members of the audience.

“We have a culture here where, children…are still not encouraged to pursue the arts as a career,” she said, noting the contributions of individuals such as artist Sheena Rose.

“We need to keep educating parents and teachers that the arts has a role to play… If you introduce some level of creativity in the curriculum it teaches children to think in a different way,” Johnson said. (KK)

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