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Bail denied to trio accused of theft

courtThree people accused of stealing of in excess of $130,000 collectively from individuals and business were again remanded when they appeared before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant in the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court today.

Reynold Randolph Roach 49, of Lot 3B Lower Estate Heights, St Michael; Robert DaCosta Walker, 46, of Melrose, St Thomas; and Cherry-Ann Karen Lashley, 43, also of Melrose, St Thomas were sent back to jail until July 15.

Roach’s attorney Denis Headley informed the court that his client had been granted bail on other offences, while suggesting that if he was kept in custody any longer he could lose both his house and job.

“He has already lost his vehicle,” the lawyer said, arguing that his client should be granted bail “until such time as the other side is ready for the case”.

Lashley’s attorney Naomi Linton argued that her client had responsibility for an ailing grandmother, as well as four children, who had not been able to attend school since she was incarcerated.

“My client maintains her innocence in this charge . . . . She has no previous convictions. She is not a flight risk and will attend court as she is eager to clear her name . . . . She is a fit and proper candidate for bail,” Linton said.

Meantime, Walker’s attorney Shadia Simpson told the court that her client would accept any conditions outlined, if granted bail.

“His wife has had to give up their business and she has been finding it difficult to manage the baby and the household. Incarceration up until the time of his trial will cause significant hardship for the family. My client is a fit and proper candidate for bail,” Simpson argued.

However, Cuffy-Sargeant stood by the objection made by the police prosecutor during their last court appearance that the matter was not to be taken lightly as a huge some of money was involved.

“Counsels your applications are denied. Not enough time [has passed] for the accused persons to granted bail,” the magistrate said.

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  1. jrsmith June 18, 2016 at 6:12 am

    A senior police officer said last year ,people who are given bail just carry on committing crime after crime .. its funny when people get caught all of they problems are aired as to why they should be released on bail..

    My take bail should be set yes, but 25% of the bail should be paid to the court in cash.. this money help to pay for the criminals at (DODDS).

  2. Green Giant June 18, 2016 at 7:49 am

    Mr. Smith, respectfully. I’m one to compliment the police for the excellent work they’re doing by bringing ACCUSED persons before the courts. I must however that these persons are only ACCUSED and charged, they may later be found either guilty or innocent. The DPP may also realise later there’s not enough corroborative evidence to earn a conviction. If the Magistrate / Judge sees merit in the objection to bail that decision must be respected, but I really would wish we barbadians to see the several injustices that still exist in our legal system. Sadly many of us can only understand when we are unfortunate to find ourselves directly suffering from those injustices. We are continuing to clog the system and overcrowd the prison with people who can be bailed with conditions, also this reoccuring public proposal of cash bail will only result in the haves and have nots being treated differently in the courts. The day this happens, “only heaven can help us” @jrsmith


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