Illegal gun dealers having a field day, says King

Barbados Labour Party hopeful John King wants all hands on deck in the fight to keep illegal guns out of the reach of the country’s youth.

King, Supervisor at the Government Industrial School, lashed out at those behind the importation and sale of the weapons, complaining they were “having a field day with us killing ourselves” while reaping the benefit of their evil deeds.

John King
John King

As the island recorded its ninth murder for the year, the former calypso monarch wondered how young people from Caribbean countries such as Barbados that were struggling economically could afford this many guns.

“We are some of the poorest nations across the earth, yet we are also turning out to be the most prolific users of guns and we don’t produce guns . . . . So it means that someone is making a humongous amount of money from us buying the guns and they are also having a field day with us killing ourselves.

“The average young person on the street does not have the capacity or the facility to buy guns in bulk and hand them out to people to shoot one another. Sometimes you see these young people with a package of sweet biscuits and a coke early in the morning, so where are they going to get money from to bring in shipments of guns and distribute them among themselves? It makes absolutely no sense,” King argued in an interview with Barbados TODAY.

The aspiring parliamentarian called for the involvement of the entire Barbadian community to reverse the slide, stressing the need for early intervention in the school system.

He cited incidents of bullying and recent reports of student-on-teacher violence as evidence that the island’s youth were crying out for help.

“In schools, apart from the academics, we are going to have to have psychologists in the schools –– persons who are going to help you deal with emotions, people who are going to help you deal with your feelings. The Church has to get involved. It really is all hands on deck. You have to tackle it from a number of areas,” he recommended.

Acknowledging that punishment had its place, King stressed that the answer did not lie in jailing more young people, many of whom he claimed were angry at the world, or in the resumption hanging.

Instead, he recommended that the authorities should focus on attacking the root causes of violence and rehabilitating deviant youth.

“How many more prisons are you going to build? We don’t need to have so many young men and women locked up. What we need to do is to probably have them in places where we can start reforming them, getting them back into society and giving them tools to cope on their own so that they don’t find themselves as angry as they are at their lives, angry at society they feel have failed them, angry at the politicians, angry at teachers, angry at everybody. We have got to find out what is the root cause of this anger and deal with it.”

King pointed fingers at the society at large, saying it had done a poor job of educating young black males about their positions in the world, and what was expected of them.

He also took issue with parents and opinion leaders, who he contended had failed to teach the youth how to make wise choices and reject unrealistic lifestyles promoted by Hollywood.

“They [youth] have an extremely low self esteem. A lot of young people believe that life in itself has no real worth, because they are trying to measure their worth by material things. They don’t have access to these material things ‘and so therefore a short life is cool, wreck it. I have nothing to live for so in the process let me destroy myself and in the process while I am angry let me destroy everyone else,’” King told Barbados TODAY. 

9 Responses to Illegal gun dealers having a field day, says King

  1. Mark Fenty
    Mark Fenty June 14, 2016 at 4:55 am

    But the Acting Commissioner of Police has concluded that the illagel shipment of firearms are entering Barbados through the legal ports of entry. And if we are to take the Acting Commissioner at his word, then those who are manning these legal ports of entry have to do a better, or must we concluded from the Acting commissioner words, that he was insinuating that officials at these legal ports of entry are contributing to illegal firearms flooding Barbados?

    • Donild Trimp June 14, 2016 at 9:22 am

      Mark Fenty you don’t have to conclude anything.

      The ACP stated what is known to every Barbadian. Ninty nine percent of the guns entering Barbados comes through Grantley Adams and some other places with “Prot” making up the name.

      Put two and two together.

    • Wayne June 15, 2016 at 8:22 am

      The focus is being placed on illegal dealers and illegal guns, how or what about the legal dealer who also happens to be the of the property which houses our third port of entry. The guns only become illegal when they end up in the wrong hands,

  2. jrsmith June 14, 2016 at 5:25 am

    Go John go, on the button , lots of people in Barbados is above the law because they are protected, they are corrupt wicked blood on they hands and lots of them laying claims to be Christians. Bajans don’t be fool by this lots bajans know who these people are, importing the guns and lots of drugs .. our (Senior Police Officer) needs help but it seems no body from Government will.. why , why , why,

  3. Alex Alleyne June 14, 2016 at 5:53 am

    The gun issue will go on just like the ZR/mini buss issue. Tell me how many decades we trying to get that culture under control. The same will be of drugs and guns.
    Please stay in for the long haul with no progress in sight.
    Sad ,sad , sad sad state of affairs.
    Its all about quick money , that’s the bottom line. We in BIM keep watching the life of those in the MOVIES and trying to put into reality ……..There is a big difference between “fantasy & reality”.

  4. dave June 14, 2016 at 6:38 am

    Two Custom Brokers were arrested for marijuana and given bail. The two of them were given bail . One of them was subsequently arrested for the importation of Guns and he was given bail and walking bout free. What the hell do you expect ?

    The Government of the Day must take the blame . This Government does not know what the france they are doing. Total failure –Total Total failure in every area , every sphere of activity. How much more will Bajans take ? And then you have people bewitched people walking bout and talking bout my party and my Prime Minister and yuh cant beat Michael Lashley in St. Philip and yuh cant beat the DLP in St. John —FOOLISHNESS (to quote a certain CBC Moderator –who himself seems to support the folly of the DLP and who along with the other CBC Moderator clearly supports this inept Government. This foolishness about supporting the DLP regardless of how bad they do is -well –FOOLISHNESS !

    The DLP is not a football club or the West Indies CRICKET TEAM where you support them regardless of what they do. Politics is about people’s lives and their hard earned money -taxes-. If a team of politicians cannot do the job as a Government , get rid of them whether B, D, or PDP and stop supporting- well — wait for it —- FOOLISHNESS !!

  5. dave June 14, 2016 at 6:50 am

    True words Mr John King. I support your view especially when you talk about treating the root of the problem and dealing with the anger of the youths. A national Youth Service might be the answer. The Defence Force should be abolished and the money spent on the Youth them.

    The Defence Force is a complete waste of Public funds. Total waste. The Defence Force should be converted to a Youth Service where Youngsters of a certain age must enroll and be subjected to service. That should be the role of a reconstituted Force. the National Youth Force. Abolish the Defence Force. it is total waste of Tax-payers money. We can make Barbados safer by harnessing the energy of the youth them and challenging it in the right directions. Too many things are left to chance. Barbados remains an adhoc society from the the days of colonialism to the present. Barbados needs a better system. I am supporting John King in his comments

  6. Tony Waterman June 14, 2016 at 8:19 pm

    @John King!!!!!llegal gun dealers having a field day.
    Thank you Captain Obvious, I have read this article, and nowhere do i see any Concrete Plans for Implementing anything to help solve the OBVIOUS Problem.
    My Solution is Boot camp instead of Jail. let’s hear yours.

  7. Sherlock Holmes. June 14, 2016 at 10:11 pm

    Dave you are more silly than i thought,you go on these silly rants in this forum,with the silly notion that you can say anything and go as far as impugning the characters of persons with your malicious statements,you are truly a desperate case and before long you are going understand the misuse of the computer act in it’s totality.


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