Include God too, Minister

This man of God solicits your kind permission to use your informative paper to publicly write this letter of advice or wisdom to the ministry that holds the sacred responsibility for our young men and women educationally in its hand.

The Scripture boldly declares that righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin (meaning the breaking of God’s laws and the laws of the country) is a reproach.

There is a popular MC and entertainer who asserts that “hopelessness is a terrible disease”. And this writer takes heed of the advice of Edmund Burke, who wrote: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

I, therefore, wish to immerse my mind in these word of caution, and am motivated to do something.

We have been witnessing the emergence of low self-esteem, declining moral standards, disrespect, wicked gossip, hopelessness, anger, impatience, total disregard for human life, and hatred, resulting in the demise of godly practices, peace, patience, love, selflessness, sharing and hope.

These maladies, this writer wishes to respectfully suggest or advance, are conceived and born out of the belly of the “absence of godly nurturing”.

I recently heard the Ministry of Education enunciating a plan to put emphasis on the teaching of science, maths, technology and engineering in our schools. I must commend the Ministry of Education for such a proactive approach.

However, this man from God’s Political Party (GPP) wishes to prayerfully urge the ministry to take a further step and please consider including spiritual or religious knowledge in our school system. I am sure you are aware, Mr Minister of Education, of the advice given to us by the Master Teacher and Educator Himself, recorded in Matthew 6:33.

He urges us to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and love, godly morals, respect, selflessness, peace, an attitude of sharing, patience and hope –– and the other fruit of the spirit (please note the singularity) will be added to our lives.

Minister, it would be the best gift you could give to the “good people” of our lovely country Barbados, as we celebrate the milestone of our 50th anniversary of Independence. I await your decision.


2 Responses to Include God too, Minister

  1. F. A. Rudder June 10, 2016 at 10:27 am

    Courtney a well balanced piece of literature! Our shore is fill with peoples of many religions but I am aware that Codrington College is still a campus of religious teaching and has lots of space for those students who want to study the scriptures, religious knowledge or theology to it’s highest levels. Dean Clark should outreach to those young men and women who want to further their education in the discipline I see students from sister islands utilizing that great institution which has also non denominational teaching!

  2. jrsmith June 10, 2016 at 12:52 pm

    We need to teach our young black men and women, black history and you will never find any black history in the bible , because thats how the white man printed the same to be still controlling our black people…

    Look back at the past 50 years what has religion and the bible done for black people, take it right back where was God and Jesus for the centuries our black fore parents suffered as slaves..

    We have a better chance with our own black Jesus one of two black heroes ( NELSON MANDELA ) and our latest hero (MUHAMMUD ALI) this is where things will change for us pulling away from the new generation of the past slave masters, setting our own agenda..


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