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No perfect scores

There were no perfect scores in English in this year’s Barbados Secondary Schools Entrance Examination, but there was a slight improvement in the national average.

Speaking this morning at a press conference at the Ministry of Education’s Constitution Road headquarters where he announced the top results of this year’s examination written by 3, 527 students, Minister of Education Ronald Jones revealed that the national average in English was up marginally from 67.11 per cent last year to 67.92 per cent this year.

“For us that is quite good, but it can be better. Barbados generally does show a particularly good profile in English, but obviously to have a mean of 67.92 you would have to have a high cluster in that regard,” Jones said.

Two hundred and eighty-nine students scored less than 30 per cent in English this year, as compared to 294 last year, while 995 students scored between 40 and 69, down from 1,230 last year.

An analysis of the performance also revealed a rise in the number of students who scored between 70 and 100 this year over 2015.

In 2016, a total of 2,091 scored in this range, as compared to 1,957 last year.

“Even though there were no hundreds, we had persons with 98, 99, several in the 90’s in our English examination,” the minister announced.

The top three performers in English included Alyssa Charles of St Angela’s, who scored 99 per cent and Rebekah Bethell also of St Angela’s and Sarah Downes of Hillaby Turner’s Hall, both of whom scored 98 per cent.

The mean for Section A in 2016 is 53. 86 as compared to 55. 45 in 2015, and 53. 27 in 2014, while the average for Section B was 14. 04 this year, up from 11. 80 in 2015, an increase of 2. 24 over last year.

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