Khalil gets his 11-plus exam wish

Khalil Vanderpool-Nurse could not contain his excitement upon hearing the news that he would be attending his school of choice, Queen’s College, this September.

In fact, there were not enough adjectives to describe his feeling about receiving a perfect score in Mathematics.

Smiling from ear to ear, as he celebrated with his parents Tricia Vanderpool and Dwayne Nurse, Khalil said: “ I feel elated, overjoyed, happy. I’m just so excited,” before concluding, “I don’t even know what to say.”

Khalil Vanderpool celebrating with his parents Dwayne (left) and Tricia (right) after he received his results. 
Khalil Vanderpool celebrating with his parents Dwayne (left) and Tricia (right) after he received his results. 

Mom Tricia was just as excited. She told Barbados TODAY she was totally satisfied and could not ask for anything more.

“I’m happy. He has always been a very strong Maths student. He put his mind to it. He did the work. He checked over and he got the results.”

She acknowledged that even during the recent period of exams, her son, who scored 100 in Mathematics and 92 in English, with an A in Composition, had kept up his extracurricular activities.

“The football and the athletics kept him very well rounded. He had a good balance between athletics, sports and academics,” she said.

By then, the tears of joy that had formed in his dad’s eyes upon hearing the news of his son’s performance, had settled. However, there was still that look of joy written all over his face.

“I’m overwhelmed with joy. The tears have gone. Thanks to the Father for giving me this wonderful boy,” Khalil’s father Dwayne told Barbados TODAY.

He described the support his son received from his extended family as “amazing”, pointing out that “from two years ago [Khalil] said he wanted to go to Queen’s College and to see it come true today is just amazing”.

The family has nothing planned as yet, but if Khalil gets his wish, it will just be a few friends over for a “nice” celebration of his performance.

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  1. PattyCake June 8, 2016 at 1:47 pm

    Continue to be blessed. Fantastic job!


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