Early sitter Gabrielle scores big for St Philip Primary

It was exactly 3 p.m. when the final bell rang at the St Philip Primary School yesterday. However, it was evident from the looks on the faces of Class 4 students that something important was yet to come.

As the results of this year’s Common Entrance Examinations were revealed, the obvious anguish subsided.

Among the 15 students at the rural school who sat the tests was one early sitter – Gabrielle Anderson – who received a total score of 230.45 with an A in Composition.

Gabrielle received a raw English score of 83, which converted to 110.86 and a raw Mathematics score of 82, which converted to 119.59.

Early sitter Gabrielle Anderson with her  mother Judyette Wickham.
Early sitter Gabrielle Anderson with her mother Judyette Wickham.

Disappointed that she did not receive a place at the secondary school of her choice, Gabrielle declined to speak with Barbados TODAY.

However, her mother Judyette Wickham told Barbados TODAY her daughter, who has ambitions of becoming a lawyer, had consistently performed well throughout her school life. Wickham, who is a teacher at the Grantley Prescod Memorial Primary School, said she would help her daughter with her schoolwork from time to time.

Class teacher Wendy Stoute was also very pleased with the pupil’s performance, describing Gabrielle as “a very conscientious hard worker”.

“She has always been one of those students who, when the others are not doing what they are supposed to do, she would be there doing her work religiously. So I am pleased,” Stoute told Barbados TODAY.

Overall, the teacher of 30 years expressed disappointment with the grades her school earned in Mathematics, while describing the English results as excellent.

“Overall the children did pretty well . . . I am really disappointed with the Maths grade though, that is the truth,” said Stoute, who has been teaching at that institution for the past 16 years.

2 Responses to Early sitter Gabrielle scores big for St Philip Primary

  1. Aillan June 8, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    Congratulations Gabrielle I knew you would be a shining spark, keep it up

  2. Sheron Inniss June 17, 2016 at 9:25 pm

    Congratulations young lady. In my time the exam was sat at 9 years and you had to be 10 by a cut of date. Back then the exam was sat in two parts. The system was changed to this current one in 1975 or 1976. There were no photos of top students. The schools received the results and that was it. I remember a prominent person in the community where I attended school probably knew before my parents that I had passed for St Michael’s even though I am an AX Old Scholar. That was my parents 2nd choice as my dad worked in the north. You also had two chances at the exam. That year I was the top student at my school – Good Shepherd Mixed School, Jordan’s Gap at Fitts Village, St James. Which leads me to what is all the fuss about Minister Jones statement that there would be no list of other top students. The reasons persons are putting forward do not make any sense because they have forgotten, did not know or have not done the research as to what pertained before the current system.


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