Soldier reprimanded

A soldier who found himself on the wrong side of the law for assault, was set free today.

Brian O’Neal Browne, 28, of Eastbourne, St Philip, was charged yesterday with occasioning Kimberley Stuart actual bodily harm.

However, when he appeared before Magistrate Douglas Frederick in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court, he was reprimanded and discharged.

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  1. Mark Fenty
    Mark Fenty June 1, 2016 at 4:06 am

    I don’t get it how some of yall men tink dat it is ok to put wunnah hands on women, man dat’s aa no no? Man if it comes to the point where wunnah have tah argue do so, but keep wunnah hands in wunnah pockets and if dat don’t work start beating the walls or run out in de road to cool down or someting. Because let mah tell yah, it don’t worth wunnah freedom putting wunnah hands on these women for whatever reason, because de judge gine throw de book at wunnah in de worse way.


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