Football trailblazer aiding women’s game

When it comes to football Kerry Trotman has been first in line for most things and being the only female in Barbados with a CONCACAF C licence coaching certificate is one of them.

The 35-year-old was the only woman among 29 male participants who took part in the course organized by the Barbados Football Association. Prior to that Trotman also did the D licence course and told Barbados TODAY having done both coaching courses was a great achievement and one she intended to use for the development of women’s football in Barbados.

Kerry Trotman
Kerry Trotman

She explained that the C licence experience was different to the D and now that she has knowledge of both, would use the information to work on her craft even more.

“This C course was more about teaching as a unit whereas the D licence was more one on one, getting the individual coaching aspect of the game correct. So it was a very good experience knowing how to transition from coaching one player to a group and I found that very interesting because sometimes trying to get that over in the past I would struggle. So now with the coaching tools we got here [from the C licence course] and over the past eight days, I should be able to teach a group easily now and with practice it would come easier,” Trotman explained.

In 1992 the former Eden Lodge Primary student wrote her name on history’s page by becoming the first BICO female football player and was rewarded that same year for scoring a number of goals. She then went on to play for Christ Church Foundation but got her heart broken at age 15 when she was disallowed from playing with boys.

“That is the age that they do not allow you to mix with the guys. I started back in 2006 when football started back for females in Barbados and I knew it was not going to be much time for me as a player because I was getting up in age. So I decided then to chart my way into coaching back in 2013 when I did my first coaching course through the Barbados Football Association,” the former national player said.

The talented midfielder last played for Barbados in 2014 against Puerto Rico and had the honour of being vice-captain when the home side visited Trinidad and Tobago in 2010. She still believes there is some playing time left in her at the highest level, but is willing to give way to the youth seeking an opportunity to represent Barbados. According to her, there is nothing wrong with assisting from the sidelines because it is just as good as playing.

Trotman has always been a part of Genesis women’s team at club level and led them to the inaugural women’s football title in 2006. However, she made a decision to join Kick Start in 2015 and told Barbados TODAY that from this year the two women’s team will merge.

Trotman said the only thing standing in her way would be herself and looking ahead she noted that having those certificates along with the Barbados Olympic Association’s levels one and two and the National Certificate Programme out of Canada, she intended to share her knowledge and help to make female football better.

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