Full disclosure

Auditor General seeks answers on Four Seasons and LIAT

The ill-fated Four Seasons hotel project, as well as Government’s $142 million investment in regional airline LIAT, are among a set of dubious transactions for which this country’s Auditor General Leigh Trotman is seeking answers.

Government’s support for LIAT came under heavy scrutiny.
Government’s support for LIAT came under heavy scrutiny.

In his 2015 report, Trotman also raised serious questions about a number of loans which Government made to various private entities in which the state happens to be the main shareholder in some instances. The loans included $4.6 million which was issued by the Public Enterprise Fund to Needham’s Point for construction of the Hilton Hotel, $2 million to Southern Golf which operates the Durants golf course, and the sum of $950,000 to Durette & Co Caribbean Limited, a window manufacturer which subsequently went out of operation.

Hilton Hotel
Hilton Hotel

Since the Needham’s Point loan was issued back in financial year 2014/15, the principal has risen to nearly $6 million. However, the Auditor General said no repayments have been made. Furthermore, there have been no efforts by Government to recover the outstanding amount.

He also explained that in the case of the Southern Golf, there was no loan agreement to speak of, while suggesting a write-off of the Durette amount-

Government’s support for the Antigua-based LIAT also came under heavy scrutiny. However, after carefully reviewing Government’s financial statements, the Auditor General said he was still in the dark about its investments in the carrier. He has therefore called for “full disclosure” on the $142,733,148 that has been pumped into the loss-making carrier as at March 31, 2015.

The stalled Four Seasons project.
The stalled Four Seasons project.

Equally difficult to come by has been information on the stalled Four Seasons hotel project. However, the Auditor General is seeking to get to the bottom of a $120 million debt, which was issued with a Government guarantee by late Prime Minister David Thompson back in 2010 after the project went belly-up.

That guaranteed debt was called during financial year 2013/2014 by the bankers and Government was forced to pay an amount of $124,329,766 which entailed principal plus interest to the lenders. However, while the amount was subsequently recorded by the Treasury as an accounts receivable, the Auditor General says no payments have been received to date.

He therefore wants answers on whether there might be a need for a write down or when or how this amount will be repaid, since it is also not clear what assets this advance is linked to.

Another questionable sum of $141,500,000 was issued in loans to the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc (BTII), with accrued interest of $19,351,206 as at March 31, 2015. Trotman pointed out in his report that no formal contract exists for the amount and to date no repayments have been received.

However, he said in a previous meeting with the management of BTII, the auditors were informed that this amount pertained to work carried out on behalf of Government. “This matter needs to be clarified and resolved by the relevant parties,” the Auditor General advised.

A similar situation exists with the Small Hotel Investment Fund where a loan in the amount of $35,528,362 (including interest) is yet to be repaid.

The report also raised questions about $765,749,759, which has been recorded by the Auditor General as “cumulative advances outstanding” as at March 31, 2015. The monies were not properly authorized but, in some instances, transfers were granted to recipients who simply did not have the money to repay.

The net effect, therefore, is that the official deficit would have been “understated” for the years when these transactions took place, Trotman pointed out.

As has been the trend in recent years, this year’s report contains a number of recurring themes of unauthorized transactions, misplaced funds, and blatant under-reporting by a number of state entities, altogether painting a pathetic picture of this country’s public sector administration.

In this regard, the Auditor General highlighted variances on several accounts, including $118,177,914 for pending lawsuits, which did not match the $116,305,080 submitted by the Solicitor General, resulting in a variance of $1,872,834.

There was also a sinking funds variance of $28 million, as well as incorrect classification of assets, which affected the paymaster’s pension account which ended up with a debit instead of a credit balance of $2.4 million.

The opposite occurred at other Government departments, including the Transport Board, where the accounts receivable ended with a large credit balance of $5.5 million.

One noticeable error and omission which the Auditor General took note of was a First Citizens’ Bank loan in the amount of US$25 million. There were also approved loans, which were not utilized in a timely manner. This affected commitment fees, in the amount of US$888,929 on a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank and US$266 023 on IDB loan funds.

In terms of unrecorded liabilities, Government is yet to bring to book the sum of $195 million owed to the University of the West Indies. There was a further $152 million in unrecorded Treasury Notes and Debentures, as well as $2.7 million in returned pension cheques and over $4 billion in unclaimed employee benefits.

The Accounts receivables were said to be overstated in the amount of $34 million.

Earlier, Barbados TODAY reported on $1.3 million in dishonoured cheques that were written to Government. According to the Auditor General, some Government departments also fell prey to the unsavoury business practice as a total of $32,263 in bounced cheques were issued by unnamed Government departments.

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  1. Shane Paul Castillo
    Shane Paul Castillo May 26, 2016 at 4:18 am

    Good heaven all this money is owed to the government ? are the figures right ?

  2. Ibukunoluwa Ayanfe Ozioma
    Ibukunoluwa Ayanfe Ozioma May 26, 2016 at 4:25 am

    I am stunned and speechless! This isn’t poor administration. This smacks of fraud!

  3. Josh May 26, 2016 at 5:10 am

    These sums are unbelievable, no wonder the country is skint, agree with the previous commentator, this is either fraud or serious maladministration. Either scenario brings into question the competence of those holding office as either politicians or senior civil servants.

  4. Safiya Kamaria Kinshasa
    Safiya Kamaria Kinshasa May 26, 2016 at 5:27 am

    I’m reading the Bajan news and realising that every prediction I made about the government, tourism… everything I been preaching about has come true… HMMMMMMMM

    Paul Clarke I definitely think people ready to listen to me now.
    2 years ago I warned everyone about this project and everyone told me to shut up and that I didn’t know what I was talking about. I told wunna it was a bad idea but noooooo

  5. dave May 26, 2016 at 6:07 am

    This is how our money disappears and then the Government claims that it does not have money to do this and to do that. But we know that money is going in somebody’s pocket because money does not disappear into thin air.

    In some countries heads would roll and necks would pop .

    All of this slackness is what new political parties such as Solutions Barbados are talking about but you have ignorant Bajans saying that a third party cannot work and all that crap.

    Bajans -wunna so HIGNORANT !! Wunna so foolish and wunna continue to let politicians fool wunna and keep running around singing dem praises –Oh ! so and so is a good man, he quiet and decent , he is a gentleman –all the while wunna getting shated with a ten foot pole- Slaves !!! to folly !!!!

    These things make so Angry !!!!!!

  6. dave May 26, 2016 at 6:08 am

    These things make me so Angry !!!!

  7. dave May 26, 2016 at 6:12 am

    Government departments issuing bounced cheques ? Say it aint frigging well So !!!!

  8. The Negrocrat May 26, 2016 at 6:24 am

    Let we dress in white and march these demons out of office.

  9. Ejd May 26, 2016 at 6:54 am

    Politicians do not run departments. This is highclass slackness on the part of the civil servants not the politicians only.

  10. Looka This May 26, 2016 at 7:19 am

    $142 million into LIAT to be run by Antiguans ans service still more and loosing so much money when every airline in the world making record profits mainly due to low oil prices…..What a shame….I am so nervous….I believe much more bad news will be discovered

  11. Alex Alleyne May 26, 2016 at 7:48 am


  12. eddy murray May 26, 2016 at 8:30 am

    Ejd they call all the shot. If all this money is out there in Barbados, who have it and where is it.

  13. Carson C Cadogan May 26, 2016 at 9:17 am

    It is wonderful to be a part of the Barbados Private sector.

    As a result you can ask for and receive million dollar loans and dont have to worry about repaying a single cent to the Bajan Taxpayers. The thing is no one is seeking to recover the Taxpayers money.

    So much so that overseas Private sectors are getting a piece of the action as well.

  14. Bobo May 26, 2016 at 9:31 am

    Bajans 85 per cent– the mind is condition to a paradigm–fear- confusion and worthlessness guiding the psyche—impossible to understand ”the reality of facts”

  15. Norma Isenegger May 26, 2016 at 9:50 am

    Local Bajans ‘please’ take time out and ask self what has the present two political parties has done for you and your children-”children” the future innovators of Barbados( of all countries) -where is your child –or- the next door child at the moment.

    The question is not how many Political Parties represents the Government — the question is— ”Innovations” is the way forward—”Barbados Solutions” is your call.

  16. APOSTLE WINSTON CUMBERBATCH - BARNETT May 26, 2016 at 10:39 am

    Dear people ,,Some are talking Of Another Government, Another Party , My dear People… when we the people push out the present party just to bring in another Party,,,I WILL TELL YOU HERE AND NOW, THEY WILL DO THE SAME THING AS THE PARTY BEFORE THEM WHO WAS THE GOVERNMENT ,,pushing out one party just for another PARTY is not GOOD ENOUGH,, we need to get to the bottom of all of this MISSING MONEY MATTERS,,,,ALL THESE DEPARTMENTS should be made to answer Questions as to where and whom all the MONEY is gone , LET THESE MINISTERS ANSWER questions about the peoples MONEY or else it will be HAPPENING again and AGAIN and AGAIN, AMEN

  17. lili May 26, 2016 at 11:14 am

    No surprise at all.

  18. jrsmith May 26, 2016 at 11:54 am

    This is (fraud ) and (political corruption ) been seen by the world on a massive scale , we the people of Barbados needs help , we need help from the (British Government ) we need ( Scotland Yard ) to clean up this mess to put our corrupt politicians behind bars…
    Mia you need to do something bajans we cannot allow these people to get away with this, where is our (Governor General )speak my good person, we need justice…they are just a bunch of rum corned beef and biscuit people.. you could see the premeditation no book keeping no records all well planned out…

  19. dave May 26, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    Well the present Government will be gotten rid of regardless – one way or the other. It is incumbent on Barbadians to make a fresh start. The incoming Government ‘s feet must be held to the fire !!! If we are lazy and preoccupied by folly we will continue to see nonsense happening

  20. jrsmith May 26, 2016 at 12:39 pm

    @, Apostle Winston, hail, hail, on the button, our Barbados treasury has be cleaned out, that’s why the (Attorney General ) refuse to sign the proceed of crime act, we want to see they tax returns and bank accounts and holdings in the (British Virgin Island )

  21. recoanthony May 26, 2016 at 3:12 pm




  22. jrsmith May 26, 2016 at 4:06 pm

    We must get international police help on this matter, they must pay for this, this is not going away…

  23. Alex Alleyne May 26, 2016 at 4:53 pm


  24. David Hall May 26, 2016 at 5:26 pm

    Here we go again! Another Auditor general’s report that will be punished with laughter and buried in silence by our leaders; whilst the average Bajan continue to catch his/her tail and crafty politicians and others like them, who are responsible for this mess, and others like it, continue to live high off the hOg.

  25. dave May 26, 2016 at 10:47 pm

    The D in DURETTE -check and see where it leads
    Yes David Hall

    Living off the Hog and giving us the hair off the hog

  26. Don December 9, 2016 at 9:38 am

    Imagine if this money was used for the QEH, water systems, The University, sewage systems and garbage trucks.

    There must be a reason a billion dollars went in the wrong direction.

  27. Jim Reid December 9, 2016 at 12:08 pm

    With government debt at $7.6 billion, and annual GDP at $4.45 billion, the “Diamond of the Caribbean” government is bankrupt. But the people aren’t. It is time for every civil servant and every politician to lay their resignation on the table and for righteous people to choose those who must go and those who must stay. With good people in charge, and a new National Vision, the debts can be forgiven and the reconstruction of the tourism industry can be started from the family funds hidden under the mattresses. It is time for the Trident of Barbados to remove the evil sharks. (As my citizenship is still buried in a government file somewhere, please forgive my impertinence in sharing my opinion. My wife and kids are Barbadian.)

  28. richard barrow December 10, 2016 at 1:17 am

    This is high class wickedness, some one need to be held accountable, to much corruption.

    • Samuel Morrison May 27, 2017 at 5:36 pm

      You stupid, stupid people. Track your history. The money placed at the disposal of Liat has been done over the years the airline has been functioning. The bulk of it being done under the administration of the BLP. It is accumulated debt, which is now equity in the airline. That is why Barbados is the single largest shareholder. Needhams point ltd owns the Hilton Hotel. That money owed is recoverable by the sale of the hotel property. The Auditor General must go further in his analysis rather than make comments that are merely superficial. The BTII is a fully owned by the government of Barbados. It’s emphasis is on infrastructural improvement. So the St. Lawrence improvement project, the careenage Boardwalk, some street lighting, the Harrbour road car park are all of its projects. Why this mischievous contentions at this time? All those projects were done in the period 1994 to 2008. The Four Seasons project was a private sector project which collapsed in the aftermath of the financial crisis in 2008. Govt placed substantial equity in the project as a means of rescuing it. That equity was through a loan, that loan has been repaid so that government is in a position to sell the property and recover its investment. There is nothing sinister about that. What this shows is a civil servant who has joined the faux news department of e-news papers. The persons who reissued this article is about mischief since it was published before.

  29. Johnathan May 29, 2017 at 8:46 am

    Carson C Cadogan should be ashamed to even write a word on this. He is part of the government and he supports everything they do and this is no exception. He seems to want to pull a Donville Inniss and this is same man who criticize Donville. This government has taken the tax payers of this country for a ride and it is so obvious. They have not mismanaged since they seem to have shown up for work in 9 years. They have found all types on novel ways to siphoned off the money and full thu duh guts…

  30. Jerry Mervriel Nurse May 31, 2017 at 9:43 pm


    GOD does not help those that help them-selves, God help those who allow him to help them! Behold I stand at the door and knock. You want God’s assistance, let Him in, God will not trespass entering uninvited.

    Returning to Barbados for the very first time in April 1989 following his August 1966 immigration to England age ten, Jerry Nurse immediately commenced the difficult task investigations into mystifying circumstances surrounding the theft of his Barbados million dollars inheritance, inherited in the last will and testament of his uncle Fitzgerald Callender who died in the island of Barbados 18th day of May, 1964.

    Everything you are about to read is backed by irrefutable Documentary Evidence that cannot be contradicted or denied by any Legal Authority or by any Court of Law in Barbados or Elsewhere.

    It has been a long tiresome 31 years of struggling, self – financed; but I kept on because this is a worthwhile cause for justice for the entire Island of Barbados.

    Nurse realized from the offset this was going to be a difficult task. It has been a long tiresome thirty one (31) years relentless investigation nevertheless Nurse kept on knowing he would eventfully be successful necessitating unquestionable material evidence.

    Subsequent to trustworthy information Jerry Nurse visited Barbados Supreme Court Registration Department Offices purchasing numerous Conveyances / Title Deeds also photocopied numerous 1960’s Barbados Government Printed Papers known as “The Official Gazette”;
    Where numerous lands and properties are advertised by the Supreme Court Registrar for Supreme Court Public Auction Judgement Sales by various fictitious Chief Marshall on various dates at the Chief Marshall’s Office located within the Supreme Court Registration Building, Coleridge Street, Bridgetown.

    Nurse was further informed the Supreme Court estate associated wrongdoers succeeded having a wooden structure Chief Marshall Office built on the grounds of Colreidge Street Supreme Court and that structure was destroyed by a mysterious 1981 fire destroying all fraudulent 1960’s and 1970’s Chief Marshall Public Auction Sales Records, so they had believed.

    With gratitude to his trustworthy friends a motivated Jerry Nurse responded hurriedly locating classified information at visits to Barbados (Embassy) London High Commission, Barbados Achieves, Land Registration Department, Town & Country Planning Office, Barbados Advocate Newspapers;

    Acquiring unquestionable material evidence eliminating needs for eyewitnesses in any Law Court, Government or Police Investigations into Callender Estate and other estates fraudulent activities accumulating over a billion dollars for these deceitful persons;

    Nurse unearthed dumbfounded unquestionable material evidence exposing distinguished Barbados Civil Servant offices of Attorney General, Crown Solicitors, Governor General, Solicitor General, Chief Justice, Magistrates, High Court Judges, Supreme Court Registrars and Registration Senior Clerks and many Lawyers that studied law in England, Participation in an island wide;
    Registration Department land and property devious arrangements netting over a billion dollars.

    Indisputably, their names and signatures are clearly documented upon numerous fraudulent improper Supreme Court Conveyances / Title Deeds in the misuse of Barbados Great Seal.

    Discussing this billion dollars amount with a Barbados Arch Bishop, without any hesitation he said double that amount.

    Learning created difficulties for the Investigator in a country where Civil Servant mischievousness has never been exposed for these Law Enforcers scheme above the law they had sworn to represent and manufactured attempts were made to kill Nurse the Investigator.

    This flabbergasted Epic Crime Thriller Revelation exposures Distinguished Civil Servants Fraud wilfully committed with corrupt Lawyers, Barristers, Judges, Magistrates, Supreme Court Registrars & Senior Clerks, Attorney Generals, Solicitor General and Crown Solicitors.

    Also involved were Chief Justice and Governor General stimulated out of Barbados Supreme Court Registration Department following Barbados 1966 Independence. Kindly note in May 1964 England handed over power to Barbados.

    This treacherous crime wave association criminally stole Nationals and Foreigners lands and Properties estimated Market Value 2017 over a Billion Dollars through falsification of Land Title Deeds / Conveyances fraudulent misuse of Barbados Registration Seal – for stealing.
    Immediately below the Investigator revealed names, dates, location of numerous stolen properties worth Millions of Dollars to you or someone you may know, and, you are lawfully entitled for compensation from these estates as a relative of the deceased or alive owners.

    For the past 11 years Jerry Mervriel Nurse has included all the below Chief Marshall’s advertised properties in his Supreme Court Writ of Summons No: 1266 / 1997.

    ST. MATTHEW 13-54
    “And when he was come into his own country, he taught them in their synagogue, insomuch that they were astonished, and said, “Whence hath this man this wisdom and these mighty works”?

    Following Independence, Barbadian arose 1st day of December 1966 celebrating Independence ignorant of what truly awaited them.

    Barbadians celebrating Christmas 1966, the food in their stomachs had not settled before they were losing their ancestral lands and properties at an alarming rate through Supreme Court organized Criminal accomplishments under fictitious Chief Marshal Public Auction Judgment Sales.

    Basically stealing any property they wanted for themselves creating falsified Land Title Deeds and acquired them.

    Frank DeCourcey King, Acting Chief Marshall Notice NO: 874
    13 Feb 1967 – 11 Nov 1966
    2 Rods 17 Perches of Land at Workman Village, Saint George,
    Attached from: LEOTTA WATSON

    Frank DeCourcey King, Acting Chief Marshall Notice NO: 58
    21 Mar 1967 – 18 Jan 1967
    2 Acres, 1 Rod 34 Perches, at Coles Near Merricks Saint Philip
    Attached from ESMOND DOUGHTY

    Frank DeCourcey King, Acting Chief Marshall Notice NO: 120
    14 Apr 1967 – 7 Feb 1967
    2 Rods and Dwelling house, at Water Street, Christ Church,
    Attached from: OSFORD LAYNE

    (OSFORD LAYNE property sale survived after his Attorney wrote to Prime Minister Errol Barrow and was brought up in Parliament in June 1967)

    Frank DeCourcey King, Acting Chief Marshall Notice NO: 80
    21 Apr 1967 – 18 Jan 1967
    37, 262 sq. ft. of land, at Bush Hall, Saint Michael,
    Attached from: Iris Jordan Executrix to JOSEPH EMMANUEL E

    Frank DeCourcey King, Acting Chief Marshall Notice NO: 321
    14 Jul 1967 – 8 May 1967
    12, 341 sq. ft. of land and Dwelling house, on Lot 35, Elridge Plantation, Christ Church,
    Attached from – GERALD CALLENDER
    “Oaths has to be taken as soon as may be after their acceptance of Office, executive officers and members of the Judiciary must take the oath of allegiance; failure to take the oath or make the affirmation entails vocation of the officer if already entered upon or disqualification for holding it, if not already entered upon”.

    Possessing unquestionable material evidence purchased out of Barbados Supreme Court Registration Departments along with Bar Association Records from England, Scotland & Wales also Immigration records Barbados Supreme Court continue obstructing and delaying justice to Jerry Nurse and his relatives named in his uncle Fitzgerald Callender deceased will.

    (NOTE) [Frank Dec. King commenced his Law Course 5th day of May, 1967 in London England, called to the English Bar 24th November 1970 before returning to Barbados in 1971 and was immediately Appointed Supreme Court Deputy Registrar]. Certifying the entries in Barbados 1967 / 1968 Civil List Records – renamed Staff List Records stipulating Frank Dec. King as Chief Marshall is fraudulent and this is known to every Government Department over the years has prevented the Police Commissioners and officers carrying out their duties.

    Frank DeCourcey King, Acting Chief Marshall Notice NO: 27 Jul 1967
    10 Jul 1967, 9,543 sq.ft. Of land and Dwelling house name
    “EL-ROMANSO” at Maxwell, Christ Church
    Appraised value $32, 200.00 – ADVERTISED IN THE ADVOCATE NEWSPAPERS as dated, attached from HERBERT WEBBER & STELLA WEBBER

    (1996 unfortunately the Investigator brought Stella Webber matter to the Supreme Court Registrar and was dumbfounded when another Conveyance appeared with Prime Minister Errol Barrow having conducted transactions

    Frank DeCourcey King Acting Chief Marshal Notice NO: 482
    5 Sept 1967 28 May 1967, Sale Date 28th August 1967
    7 Acres, 1 Rod, 34 Perches, 12 ft. wide road, at Friendship Plantation, Saint Andrew – (No appraised value) attached from (JOE BUCKET) ESMOND FOSTER



    L.L. Durant Acting Chief Marshall Notice NO: 814 6 Feb 1968
    25 Oct 1967
    44, 610 sq. ft of land at Porters, Saint James, appraised value $26,766.00,
    Attached from JOHN D. IFILL

    L.L. Durant Acting Chief Marshall Notice NO: 147 7 May 1968
    16 Jan 1968 — 4,157 sq. ft of land
    Part of a larger area of 8. 712 sq. ft at Chelsea Road, Saint Michael
    On lands of Bay Plantation (Public Road)
    Attached from: SMEDLEY REMY

    L.L. Durant Acting Chief Marshall Notice NO: 280 27 Jun 1968
    14 Mar 1968
    3 Rods, 30 Perches of land at Ashton Hall, Saint Peter appraised value $250.00
    Attached from: CYNTHIA MABEL CORBIN

    L.L. Durant Acting Chief Marshall Notice NO: 302 25 Jul 1968
    8 Apr 1968 (Land or Property size not recorded) appraised value $6,220.
    Land situate in Browne’s Gap, Eagle Hall, Saint Michael
    Attached from: ERCIL HOLDER

    L.L. Durant Acting Chief Marshall Notice NO: 442, 25 Jul 1968,
    8 Apr 1968, 2 Rods of land at Middleton, Saint George,
    On lands of (Providence Plantation)
    Attached from:

    L.L. Durant Acting Chief Marshall Notice NO: 441 2 Sept 1968
    29 May 1968, 2, 744 sq. ft of land
    Together with the Chattel Dwelling house,
    Appraised value $1,204.60
    Pasture Road, Bank Hall,
    Saint Michael,
    Attached from: GEORGIANA JORDAN


    Barbados Civil List Records substantiates Frank DeCourcey King appointed Barbados Chief Marshall 1st March 1968 in receipt of $5,400.00 Annual salary.

    However, there is not a recorded Conveyance of Mr. King functioning as Provost Marshall following this 1968 Official Gazette Advertisement.
    Barbados Constitutional Law of the Great Seal and Its Misuse States:

    Making or preparing a Warrant for passing an Instrument under the Great Seal or procuring an Instrument to be passed under that Seal, otherwise than as provided by the Crown Office Act 1877 or the Great Seal Act 1884 is an offense.

    Forgery of the Great Seal if Committed with Intent to Defraud or Deceive is also an offense.

    Instruments include any Letters – Patent, Letters Close, Writs, Commission and Grant, any document required to be passed under the Great Seal Act 1884.

    Abraham Lincoln once put it: “they chose to stand with anyone that stands right; stand with him while he is right and part from him when he goes wrong”.

    Why Has Barbados Government
    Been Blindfolding Caribbean
    Regional Governments Into
    Breaking away from the
    British Privy Council
    Court of Appeal
    Formulating a
    Court of

    Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill 1874 – 1965: Speech, Mansion House, London, 10th November 1942. “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning.”
    “Freedom of speech, like the other fundamental freedoms is freedom under the law, and over the years the law has maintained a balance between, on the one hand, the right to the individual … whether he is in public life or not, to his unsullied reputation if he deserves it,

    And on the other hand, but equally important, the right of the public … to express their views honestly and fearlessly on matters of public interest, even though that involves strong criticism of the conduct of public people.”

    Robert Ballard – The Woods Hole, Oceanographic Institution Scientist who located the wreck of the Titanic said: “If you seek a truth hard enough, you are going to learn things; the pursuit of truth is noble.”

    Michael de Montaigne 28th February 1533 – 13th September 1592 said, “It is a dangerous and serious presumption and argues an absurd temerity, to condemn what we do not understand. For having by virtue of your intellect established the boundaries of truth and error, and found yourself compelled to believe stranger things than those you deny, you are then oblige to abandon those boundaries.”


    “Lord Chief Justice Oliver dissented, holding that the protection of individual rights under Community Law involves the payment of compensation to cover the period between the commission of the wrong and its rectification;

    In some circumstances, maladministration on the part of a government department or local authority may cause an individual to suffer injustice.”

    Michael de Montaigne 28th February 1533 – 13th September 1592 said, “It is a dangerous and serious presumption and argues an absurd temerity, to condemn what we do not understand. For having by virtue of your intellect established the boundaries of truth and error, and found yourself compelled to believe stranger things than those you deny, you are then oblige to abandon those boundaries.”


    “Lord Chief Justice Oliver dissented, holding that the protection of individual rights under Community Law involves the payment of compensation to cover the period between the commission of the wrong and its rectification. In some circumstances, maladministration on the part of a government department or local authority may cause an individual to suffer injustice.”

    Jerry Mervriel Nurse wealthy uncle Barbadian businessman Fitz-Gerald Callender of Pilgrim Road, Christ Church died age 66, 18th May 1964, leaving vast properties located at Pilgrim Road, Pegwell, Peronne Gap – Worthing, Christ Church, Four Roads Saint Philip, Britton’s Cross Roads, Cummins Road, Scott’s Gap, Weirs Gap, London Road, Liverpool Road, Manchester Road, Reece Road Britton’s Hill ST Michael, Stocks & Shares, Insurance policies and properties in New York USA.

    Mr. Callender genuine recorded Will dated September 10th 1962 was admitted to Supreme Court Probates in 1965 by Carrington & Sealy Solicitors Representing Executor of the Will;

    Bridgetown Post Office General Manager Norman Legall who died 4th day of December 1968 without administering any part of Callender’s Estate, – certified by Supreme Court Records and Carrington & Sealy Solicitors written correspondences.

    Concerning Jerry Nurse $1.000.000 inheritance a distinguished High Court Judge in 1995 sent Mr. Nurse the following written communication stating: His uncle “Gerald Callender died 18th May 1964. He left a Will in which no residuary clause appeared and he therefore died intestate as far as the residuary estate was concerned.”

    “We were eventfully requested by the beneficiaries of the property at Pegwell, Christ Church to take steps to complete the administration of their portion of the estate and we succeeded in having Letters of Administration issued to Mrs. Lilian Drakes Limited to that part of the Estate”;

    “And that administration was completed in 1977”. “We thereupon resolved that we would take no further instructions relative to this estate”.

    “At the time of Gerald Callender’s death we were engage in the sale of one or two spots of land which we believe were finally completed and the tenants decided to pay their rents to us as there was no one else to pay them to”.
    “We have continued to collect these and though the account was in debit for many years due to payments made on behalf of the estate it is now in credit to the sum of $5,420.67”.

    “We enclose a Statement of the Residuary Estate at the date of death though the position has changed somewhat since then by payments made on the sale of the lots”.

    This distinguished High Court Judge was in 1993 Deputy Chairman Barbados Disciplinary Committee and in 1996 he was Chairman Barbados Police Service Commission.

    This Barbados High Court Judge in 2001 was Belize High Court Judge and more recently until 2017 was Bermuda High Court Appeal Judge.

    The Judge made it abundantly clear indicated In his former Law Firm 20th July, 1982 letter his Law Firm engaged in sales of the deceased land allotments and were collectors of rent from tenants having collected the disclosed sum of $5,420.67 in that July 1982 letter.

    This Judge in his 6th November, 1994 letter addressed to Jerry Nurse in London, England enclosed a letter dated 13th day of November, 1989 from his Law Firm former Senior Partner addressed to Jerry Nurse Attorney appointed Barbados High Court Appeal Judge in 1996;

    With another letter dated 16th day of November, 1989 addressed to Jerry Nurse Attorney and the 20th July, 1982 letter specifying his Law Firm were requested by the beneficiaries of Pegwell Christ Church California Guest House to act upon their behalf regarding the property.
    The Judge letter 20th July, 1982 letter continues and states: “Several attempts were made by us to have the various beneficiaries agree to the appointment of a single administrator to complete the administration;

    But the legitimate offspring of the deceased and the illegitimate who were named beneficiaries could not see eye to eye and the effort was abandoned”.

    Legitimately this former distinguished High Court Judge Law Firm is fully responsible for deception, maladministration, gross professional misconduct; fraudulent acts carried-out in Callender’s Estate.

    This same High Court Judge stated his former 2003 Law Firm 24th August, 1995 Statement of Account Estate of Fitzgerald Callender (deceased) his Law Firm paid the sum of $41.99.00 for Advertising Sale of California Guest House and the sum of $8.00.00 for Fitzgerald Callender Confession of a Judgment.

    Barbados Supreme Court Registration Department – Treasury Inland Revenue and Archives has no records whatsoever of any Judgement or confession of a Judgement by Fitzgerald Callender. Certified 28thApril, 1994 by Supreme Court Registrar / High Court Judge retired.

    Barbados Government Investigators especially the Police Commissioner and Parliamentary Ombudsman should have taken appropriate actions against this particular Judge Law Firm. Most unfortunately in 1996 the Police Commissioner was notified by Barbados Director of Public Prosecutions that there is no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of anyone. In other words, disregard the evidence, we control things.
    Furthermore, this distinguished High Court Judge Law Firm at no time whatsoever informed Callender estate legitimate beneficiaries; and to date May, 2017 has failed to read 1964 deceased Fitzgerald Callender last Will & Testament to the beneficiaries named in that will.

    This distinguished Barbados High Court Judge made it abundantly clear in his 1994 letter to Jerry Nurse in London stating: “There is no obligations to read a will to beneficiaries”.

    However, this same High Court Judge sent Jerry Nurse that 20th July 1982 letter stating his Law Firm was requested by the beneficiaries of Pegwell, Christ Church California Guest House to take steps to complete administration of their portion of that Pegwell Christ Church California Guest-House estate.

    This distinguished High Court Judge Law Firm Senior Partner in his letter dated 28th September, 1990 addressed to Barbados Supreme Court Registrar wrote and stated: “I represented the Executor” – (Norman Legall); “I was not aware of the Judgment Sale until after the event, nor do I believe was the Executor.”

    (How then did this High Court Judge Law Firm paid the sum of $41.99.00 for Advertising Sale of California Guest House and the sum of $8.00.00 for Fitzgerald Callender Confession of a Judgment).

    Truly, Pegwell Christ Church California Guest House was not really sold by the Chief Marshall as stipulated in Barbados Land Registration Conveyance N0: 798 dated 31st August, 1967.
    Because Barbados Treasury Inland Revenue Department and Supreme Court both recorded Fitzgerald Callender deceased Estate & Succession Duties Estate Clearance Certificate dated 26th day of January, 1966 18 months prior to the fictitious Chief Marshall Sale of the said property.

    Pegwell Christ Church California Guest House is recorded Debt Free in the names of the rightful beneficial “Joint Owners” Clinton Nurse, Ernesta Nurse and their children recorded in the following manner:


    CLINTON NURSE, “Succession Duties Certified Paid ” $330.83
    “Succession Estate Taxes Certified Paid” $511.59

    Ernesta Nurse, “Succession Duties Certified Paid” $330.83
    “Succession Estate Taxes Certified Paid” $511.59

    THE INHERITANCE ACT 1833 (Conditions attached to gifts in a Will):

    By his will, a testator may freely attach conditions of his gift providing they do not conflict with certain recognized restrictions, and are not inconsistent with other provisions of the will.

    It must also be possible for the condition to be complied with, a condition is not void merely because its performance is highly importable or because it is out of the power of the donee or even or even out of any human power to ensure its performance.

    If there is reasonable doubt, the subject should be given the benefit or the doubt. The measure of compensation depends on the terms and construction of the relevant statute.


    The property for many years was rented to a number of persons. Mr. Wilson King, his wife Mrs. Eva King and their daughter Beverly King Drakes followed by Fairy-Valley Plantation Manager Mr. Mark Corbin and his family whilst the rent money was collected by this High Court Judge Law Firm.

    The property renter Mr. Wilson King a “Merchant Ship Captain was also employed by the Law Firm where he is declared receiving money in that Law Firm 26th August, 1995 Statement of Account – Estate of Fitzgerald Callender (deceased).

    Wilson King met a woman in Florida United States of America and brought her to live in Barbados where he moved into another of Callender deceased Britton’s Hill Saint Michael Estate property leaving his wife in the Pegwell California property without paying for her rental.

    His wife Eva told Jerry Nurse and his witness she moved out of Pegwell California property and also moved into another of Callender deceased Britton’s Hill Saint Michael Estate property less than a hundred meters from where her husband was residing and she refused paying any rents to the Law Firm employing her husband.

    Mrs. Eva King was given the keys to that Britton’s Hill property by the Judge Law Firm because the Law Firm had another renter for the larger Pegwell Christ Church California Guest House property.

    The above makes it abundantly clear Pegwell Christ Church California Guest-House was not sold as stipulated 14th day of February 1968 and Ralph Cameron Prescord Conveyance is fraudulent. The Conveyance was made in 1977 and was fraudulently back-dated.

    November 2005 Serbia Government dismissed forty (40) High Court Judges involved in corruption; in an effort to clean up that country Judiciary. Barbados Government does absolutely nothing rectifying its Judiciary corruption.

    November 2010 Mexico Government immediately dismissed three thousand (3000) Corrupt Police Officers.

    Administration Estate Acts specifies; “It is the duty of a client’s solicitor to advise and to represent clients according to Solicitor’s Act’s, Rules and Regulations. Any misunderstanding, falsity, inaccuracy, misrepresentation or misconduct on the part of the Executor or Administrator, the client’s solicitor is to be held accountable.”

    “The Representor must not merely abstain from positive falsehood; he must not knowingly or willingly omit anything which is required to render completely true – that without it is not completely true. A statement which omits such matters is a lie in one of its most dangerous and insidious forms.”
    House of Commons London 1985, Labour MP Brian Sedgemore, “(A scourge of City Corruption)” “used the House of Commons to attack Freemasonry Grandmaster – Bickford Smith Q.C whom had lied to Counsel in the matter of Lloyds Insurance.”

    “Oliver Lord Chief Justice dissented, holding that the protection of individual rights under Community Law involves the payment of compensation to cover the period between the commission of the wrong and its rectification.

    In some circumstances, maladministration on the part of a Government Department or Local Authority may cause an individual to suffer Injustice.”

    Barbados Supreme Court 26th January, 1966 Certified Recorded Estate & Succession Duties Certificate (Estate Clearance Certificate) – and Supreme Court Registrar Certificate of Advertisement N0.334 / 1966 in the matter of the Estate of Gerald Callender deceased states:

    “I hereby certify that in complaisance to Rule 7 of the Non Contentious Probate Rules, 1959, I have caused a Notice of Application in the above matter to be advertised in the Official Gazette.”

    “And “I further certify that no cause has been shown nor has any Caveat been lodged with me in this matter” dated 26th day of January, 1966.”
    Barbados Treasury Inland Revenue Commissioner 26th January, 1966 has stared Fitzgerald Callender (deceased 18th day of May, 1964) Estate and Succession Duties were delivered and paid by the Estate Executor Mr. Norman Legall and the deceased estate has been recorded without debts or creditors;

    Following compliance to 1959 Supreme Court Probate Rules & Regulations – Rule (7) where the Commissioner states: “No cause has been shown and no Caveat has been lodged in this matter.”

    Meaning the estate has been recorded following Newspapers Advertisements and no one made any claim against the deceased estate.

    It is further noted the Estate was delivered to Inland Revenue by Executor Norman Legall prior to January, 1966 where the said estate is certified Advertised in Barbados Government Official Gazette and Barbados Daily News.

    This makes it abundantly clear 27th February, 1967 Supreme Court Grant of Letters of Administration signed in Block Capital Letters to Norman Legall 13 months after Inland Revenue Estate Clearance Certificate was issued is fraudulent;

    Notwithstanding they were issued out of the proper place Barbados Supreme Court Registration Department and were fraudulently composed by corrupt Civil Servants misusing the Official Signet Seal.
    JOHN EMERICH EDWAD DARLBERG – LORD ACTION 1st Viscount 1870 – 1963 Said): “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.” But the weaknesses and imperfections of human nature are not a reason for disregarding law as a means of regulations political conduct.”

    Jerry Mervriel Nurse having employed the services of a number of local attorneys-at-law between 1989 – 2001, found it necessary paying $30,000.00 employing services of a top USA Attorney and Counsellor, who in September 2004 Fax The Commissioner of Police stating:

    “I write to you as Counsel of the Administration of the above Estate. We are appalled at what appears to be the blatant degree of fraudulent activity which has denied the heirs of Fitzgerald Callender to their rightful legacy of assets since the 1960’s.”

    “This is the result of what appears to be the complete breakdown of the system of Civil Justice in the Courts of Barbados.”

    “I thought to write to you since we are not dealing here only with a breakdown in the administration of civil justice but the apparent continuing commission of criminal acts of fraud, embezzlement, Theft and perversion of the course of justice against the Estate and heirs of Fitzgerald Callender.”

    “Police Commissioner, it is time to call a halt to the common thievery which has characterized the handling of this Estate by Lawyers, the Courts and benefiting Public Officials in your jurisdiction”.
    April 2nd 1970, irrefutable evidence, Barbados Supreme Court Land Registration Title Deeds / Conveyance displays 1964 (deceased) Fitz-Gerald Callender returns to life six years after his death and purchase land the deceased owned prior to his death situate at Four Roads Saint Philip, from Foster Hall – Estate Limited.

    Jerry Mervriel Nurse supplied Barbados Police Commissioners, Bar Association & Disciplinary Committee and governmental offices with concrete irrefutable disturbing documental material evidence, Fitz-Gerald Callender 1964 deceased, amazingly transacted business in April 1971 and 1981 at Barbados Town & Country Planning Office.

    This 1964 deceased in 1970 submitted Planning Permission Application for Land Sub-Division and 3 Addition bedrooms to his 3 bedroom Four Roads, Saint Philip property through an agent.

    Jerry Mervriel Nurse paid $180 for Certified Copies of these documents. No action taken by any government department.

    December 16th, 1982 Fitzgerald Callender, (18 years after his 1964 death and burial) returns from the grave and personally as Vendor sells this six (6) bedrooms wall property on 14.000 sq. ft. of land part of the larger area of 27,609 sq. ft.

    Amazingly this six (6) bedroom wall property by a Land Registration Department Conveyance was sold for the sum of three ($3.000.00) Barbados thousand dollars = one thousand five hundred US Dollars.
    Certified copies of this Supreme Court Conveyance were handed to Commissioner of Police by Jerry Mervriel Nurse, with additional copies posted to Director of Public Prosecutions, Solicitor General, Governor General and Supreme Court Registrar in 1993 / 1994 from The London Foreign & Commonwealth Office, with additional back – up by Jerry Mervriel Nurse.

    1995 Jerry Mervriel Nurse was astounded receiving the Annual Land Tax Demand Notice from Barbados Land Taxes Commissioner Gerald Callender (deceased) placed in C/O Jerry Mervriel Nurse, 36 Treverton Tower, Treverton Street, London W10 6BG. Why was Jerry Nurse astounded, because Nurse had no correspondence or communication at any time with the Land Tax Commissioner?


    (1) Royal Bank of Canada Savings A/C No: 4839
    (2) Royal Bank of Canada Savings A/C No: 6836
    (3) Royal Bank of Canada Savings A/C No: 7968
    (4) Royal Bank of Canada Savings A/C No: 1557

    (5) Barclays Bank D.C.O Savings A/C No: 15003

    Gerald Callender always boasted of his enormous wealth. His favourite phase was: “Man, I am so Rich, the only way I can ever go broke is to put all my money in a Wheel-Barrow and dump it all in the sea.”
    Following his death all the money in those massive accounts, Stocks & Shares and Insurance Policy Payments disappeared under Carrington & Sealy Representation.

    LORD DICEY’S EXPOSITION OF THE RULE OF LAW (said): “No one was above the law; that officials like private citizens were under a duty to obey the same law”.

    “The rights of the individual were secured not by guarantees set down in a formal document but by the ordinary remedies of private law available against those who unlawfully interfered with his liberty, whether they were private citizens or officials.”

    1986 Trinidad and Tobago Government dismissed 4 corrupt High Court Judges and fifty-four (54) Police Offices.

    Making excuses that all 1960’s 1970’s Marshalls’ Office Records were destroyed in that 1981 fire that destroyed the Marshalls’ building cannot stand up in any court of law from the evidence Jerry Nurse presented.

    Section 34/2 35 & 55/1 of Administration of Estate Act 1925 / 1952 defines the law governing payment of debts on estates of a deceased person.

    Callender Estate has official recorded debts, only Civil Servants abuse of power, deception and obstruction of justice.

    The “Material Evidence” demonstrates Jerry Nurse uncle Fitz-Gerald Callender deceased, Estate was solvent and the actions executed by the Chief Marshall Office located in the Supreme Court Registration Building at the time of the incident was criminally wrongful, unlawful and without foundation.

    16th March 1991 a serious attempt was made to have Jerry Nurse killed following his visit to Oistin’s Police Station seeking information regarding Oistin’s Annual Fish festival whereas Jerry Nurse was undertaking a “Fund Raising Event” for Parish Land Christ Church Football Club.

    Truly, Jerry Nurse embraces no bitterness against those Police Officers whom were acting under orders of the late Chief Justice responsible for a number of falsified Conveyances in Callender’s estate including Pegwell Christ Church California Guest House where that Chief Justice was a regular visitor to the property and his brother Barbados Appeal High Court Judge (deceased) was unfortunately Jerry Nurse Attorney.

    Likewise 18th day of September, 2003 another bigger attempt was made to have Jerry Nurse killed whilst conducting business at the Supreme Court.

    In extremely Serious Conflict of Interest Jerry Nurse High Court Writs of Summons were wilfully placed before a High Court Judge Mr. Nurse has before the same Supreme Court for malpractice and gross professional misconduct in Callender’s Estate. On this 18th September 2003;

    Nurse was fraudulently charged with assaulting a female Court Marshall whom stated Jerry Nurse opened the Door to the Judge Chambers and that door struck her hand causing injury to that hand.

    Truthfully this Marshall was standing behind Jerry Nurse when that particular door was opened, and, that door opened inwards away from both Jerry Nurse and that lying Marshall whose arm was placed in a Sling for a number of months.
    Further, Jerry Nurse was also deceitfully Charged for Assaulting a Royal Barbados Police Officer at 11 20.a.m.whilst in Central Police Station.

    Jerry Nurse was detained in Central Police Station at approximately 11 a.m. and was interviewed at 11 .15 a.m. by that Station Sergeant who charged Jerry Nurse at 11.20 a.m.

    The Officer whom Jerry Nurse was Charged of Assaulting Statement reads: “He was Assaulted at 11 45 a.m.

    In representativeness Jerry Nurse was charged 25 minutes before the make belief incident.

    Nurse was imprisoned for seven (7) days on Remand at Her Majesty Glendiary Prison amongst murderers national and international illegal smugglers and other harden so call criminals, however every inmate and prison officers treated Jerry Nurse with respects, there were no incidents whatsoever. Numerous prisoners came to Nurse for advice.

    Amazingly Jerry Nurse holds absolutely no grievance whatsoever against those Police Officers or Court Marshall.

    Nurse found it humorous whereas the honest Police Officer Nurse was charged of assaulting at no time in almost a two year period came to Court to testify and give evidence of Nurse assaulting him.

    2005, Nurse was ordered to pay Barbados Magistrate Court $1.500.00 and retained a clean name.

    Had Nurse refused he was going to be sentence for 9 months imprisonment for a crime never committed.
    The law specifies whenever there is such an occurrence after three succeeding Court appearances and the person who made the complaint fails to attend court the matter is automatically dismissed from Court.

    Nevertheless the Chief Justice had the Magistrate to allow four Police Officers to untruthfully testify as witnesses to Jerry Nurse Assaulting an officer that never occurred and that officer is yet to appear in Court and give evidence.

    In 1996 seven years prior to the above Assault Incident Jerry Nurse wrote Barbados Supreme Court Registrar and Bar Association Secretary from London informing them that when Nurse arrives in Barbados he would be falsely charged and imprisoned for 7 days in Cell N0: 11.

    Taken to Prison Nurse was placed in Cell N0: 11 bringing the prophecy to fulfilment.

    Only in Barbados can this horror occur. However, matters herein are under London Foreign & Commonwealth Caribbean Corruption Team observation.

    Barbados stands on the brink of expulsion from the Commonwealth for numerous Commonwealth Treaty violations. God works in mysterious ways.


    There is a well know principle that a statute should not -to hold-to take away private rights of property without compensation, unless, the intention to do so is expressed in clear and unambiguous terms, or appears by irresistible inference from the statute held as a whole”.
    Part (2) of the first schedule to the administration of Estate Acts

    (1) Property of the deceased undisposed of by will, subject to the retention there out of a fund sufficient to meet any pecuniary legacies.

    (2) Property of the deceased not specifically “devised or bequeathed”.

    (3) A property is charged with the payment of debts when a testator directs in the Will that it be used for that purpose and directs that any balance left over after the debts are paid be given to a particular beneficiary!

    The retained Pecuniary Legacy fund:

    A fund will have been set on one aside from the undisposed of property and/or residue to meet Pecuniary Legacies; if necessary that fund (or part of it) is taken to pay debts.

    Pecuniary Legacy is widely defined in section 55 (1) of Administration of Estates Act.

    A specific legacy is a gift of a particular item of Property owned by the deceased at the time of death, and distinguished from all other property owned by the deceased of a similar type.

    Specific Legacies (and devises) are available for payment of debts, but only after such items as undisposed of property, residue and any retained pecuniary fund have been exhausted, according to the terms of the Will and the wishes of the (beneficiaries).
    Will’s And Appointments:

    Normally, persons appointed by Will obtain Grants of Probate.

    Supreme Court records certify, the late Norman Legall, named executor to the Estate of the late Fitz-Gerald Callender, in the testator’s last will dated 10th September 1962, as (EXECUTOR) in 1965 admitted the deceased Fitzgerald Callender Estate Accounts to Barbados Inland Revenue;

    And 26th day of January, 1966 the Inland Revenue issued the deceased Estate & Succession Duties Clearance Certificate specifying the testator Estate has been recorded without debtors or creditors.

    Executor Norman Legall fraudulent 27th February, 1967 Grant of Letters of Administration were arranged to facilitate Mrs. Lillian Drakes 1976 Grant of Letters of Administration.

    In order for Lillian Drakes to be issued with Letters of Administration there had to be a previous Grant of Letters of Administration to the same estate.

    Letters of Administration cannot be lawfully granted to a person to an estate where there has been a Grant of Probate.


    Persons, to whom a Grant is made with the Will Annexed on death after 1925, are persons having the greatest Interest.

    The persons entitled to a Grant of Probate or Administration with the Will Annexed are determined in accordance with the following order of priority:

    (1) Executors,

    (2) Any Residuary Legatee or Devise holding in Trust for any Person,

    (3) Any Residuary Legatee or Devise for Life.

    Where a sole or lasting surviving executor dies intestate without having fully administered the testator’s estate, it is necessary to appoint an administrator to administer the goods of the original testator left unadministered,

    With a Grant of Administration Cum Testamento Annexo De Bonis Non Administratis. Meaning, with the WILL annexed for un-administered Estate.

    ADMINISTRATOR MRS LILIAN DRAKES (deceased 31st May, 1995):

    A Limited Grant of Letters of Administration Cum Testamento Annexo de Bonis non Administratis was upon 12th day of March 1976 issued to Mrs. Lilian Drakes (deceased 31st May 1995), issued out of Barbados Supreme Court by Supreme Court Registrar High Court Judge and was signed by the Chief Justice.

    Mrs. Lillian Drakes Duly Appointed on records in this Island of Ronald Walter Springer and Edwin Callender for a Grant of Letters of Administration Cum Testamento Annexo de bonis non to the Pegwell Christ Church California Guest House Estate of Gerald Callender,

    “Limited to these ASSETS” of the Estate of the said deceased disposed of by the WILL of the said deceased, who died on the 18th day of May 1964;

    “IT IS ORDERED “That a Grant of Letters of Administration Cum Testamento Annexo de bonis non to the Estate of the deceased disposed of by WILL of the said deceased which ASSETS are set out in the schedule to the Application filed herein be made to the said Lilian Drakes”,

    “Until the said Ronald Walter Springer and Edwin Callender shall duly apply for and obtain a Grant of Letters of Administration Cum Testamento Annexo de bonis non”.

    So much fraud was committed to steal Pegwell Christ Church California Guest House even falsifying Barbados 1960’s 1970’s Civil List Records renamed Staff List Records that Jerry Nurse exposed, hence the meaning of that saying; “Learning create difficulties”.

    The herein named Edwin Callender and Ronald Walter Springer are not the legitimate beneficiaries named in the testator’s last Will & Testament; and this was known to the Supreme Court Registrar who duty is to confirm correctness in all Probate Documents.

    There can be no excuses for this wilful error whereas the Registrar having possession of the deceased last Will & Testament certifying Clinton Nurse, Ernesta Nurse and their children.


    Since Mrs. Lilian Drakes “1977 ASSENT” of Bungalow New York situate at Pilgrim Road in the parish of Christ Church, no Annual Land Tax Demand Notices were paid regarding this property by the Administrator, Carrington & Sealy Attorneys-at-Law or a Edwin Callender.
    Bungalow New York was left abandoned awaiting Commissioner of Land Taxes Auction Sale for non-payment of taxes.

    Jerry Nurse paid all Land Tax Arrears from 1977 to 1992 where he took up residence in that Pilgrim Road property.

    All land Taxes from 1977 to 2014 regarding Bungalow New York and land has been paid by Jerry Nurse in possession of all “Receipts” to date.

    11th February 2014 Jerry Nurse sold Pilgrim Road property for $365.000.00.


    Edwin Callender Ronald Walter Springer both of Springfield Gardens, Brooklyn, New York, USA SCHEDULES “A” States:


    Bungalow New York

    Pilgrim Road, Christ Church
    ¾ Acre of Land

    Pilgrim Road, Christ Church
    Furniture’s at Bungalow New York $82.50.
    Pilgrim Road, Christ Church

    Pegwell, Christ Church

    $45, 82.50

    In concluding, the actions / ridiculous paperwork creating Chief Marshall Frank DeCourcey King imaginary $9.000.00 Auction Sale of Pegwell Christ Church California Guest-House to Deputy Marshall Kenneth Griffith and Deputy Marshall Kenneth W. Griffith $21.500.00 Sale to Ralph Cameron Prescord as dated had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Pegwell Christ Church California Guest-House.

    Pegwell Christ Church California Guest-House remains Jointly owned by Clinton Nurse, Ernesta Nurse and their children;

    Certified by Barbados Treasury Inland Revenue Commissioner Mr. Gittens in yet another Estate Clearance Certificate nine months later dated 6th September, 1966 signed by Inland Revenue Commissioner Mr. Gittens since deceased.

    That Law Firm with money from Fitzgerald Callender deceased Accounts paid for Mrs. Lillian Drakes 18th September 1975 Power of Attorney and 12th March 1976 Application for Letters of Administration.



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