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Lawrence T. Gay set to reopen tomorrow

Students of Lawrence T. Gay Memorial School are expected to return to the familiar surroundings of their classrooms tomorrow.

The school is due to be reopened tomorrow.

The school is due to be reopened tomorrow.

The Spooner’s Hill, St Michael institution had been closed for most of the school year as a result of environmental concerns after students and staff repeatedly complained about feeling unwell.

When Barbados TODAY visited this afternoon there were clear signs that preparations were being made for the resumption of classes there, with furniture being transported into classrooms and cleaners moving in with mops and buckets.

Workmen at the Lawrence T. Gay Memorial School earlier today.

Workmen at the Lawrence T. Gay Memorial School earlier today.

Principal Beverley Parris would not give a detailed comment, although she gave the assurance that if the preparations were completed today, lessons would resume there in the morning.

“Once everything goes well they will be back at school tomorrow,” she told Barbados TODAY.

The Ministry of Education was forced to temporarily relocate the students after the complaints about the environmental condition and concerns by parents about the impact on their children’s health.

The parents had also insisted that the facility remains closed until the problem was resolved.

The school was eventually closed to allow for industrial cleaning of the classrooms and surroundings following tests by the Environmental Health Department.

During the closure students were accommodated at the Breath of Life Seventh-Day Adventist Church in White Hall, St Michael; the Sarah Ann Gill Methodist Church in Fairfield, Black Rock, St Michael and the Grace Hill Moravian Church in Spooner’s Hill, St Michael.

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