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Dire situation

Government-run homes for the elderly are bursting at the seams and the situation is likely to get even more dire as an already aging population gets older, a senior official revealed today.

Acting Director of the National Assistance Board (NAB) Andrew Browne told the media during a picnic for elderly folks at Bath, St John that the country’s aging population was placing a heavy demand on limited Government-operated facilities.

Acting Director of the National Assistance Board Andrew Browne speaking to the media at Bath,  St John.

Acting Director of the National Assistance Board Andrew Browne speaking to the media at Bath,
St John.

He said the Geriatric Hospital, District Hospitals and the Vauxhall Senior Citizen Village were running out of space, prompting the NAB to appeal to able-bodied family members to keep their elderly relatives at home.

“We try to use moral suasion with family members hoping that they accommodate them. Given our limited resources at NAB, we accommodate them at Vauxhall Senior Citizen Village, but we can only accommodate 40 there,” Browne said.

He said the state agency had also reached out to district hospitals seeking their support, but had been advised there was a waiting list.

“And unfortunately, some people have to remain at the QEH [Queen Elizabeth Hospital] before they can move on to the Geriatric Hospital, or District Hospitals. But we definitely need some place for our elderly growing population.

“Almost everyday you can look into your newspapers and see someone that is 100 years old, and you have a whole lot more in their 90s and 80s and 70s, so we have to make some conscious attempts to accommodate them,” the Acting NAB head said.

Browne admitted that it would be costly to construct and maintain additional facilities, something he said Government could not afford at this time.

However, he said the Ministry of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development, under which NAB falls, was continuously exploring ways to meet the needs of the elderly.

Scores of elderly folks gathered at Bath, St John  today for the National Assistance Board’s annual picnic.

Scores of elderly folks gathered at Bath, St John
today for the National Assistance Board’s annual picnic.

Over 100 elderly citizens who receive NAB home care service attended the picnic.

They laughed, chatted, and even enjoyed a mini-concert put on by 76-year-old calypsonian Denis Cut Loose Springer and gospel songstress Sister Magrita Marshall.

Food donated and prepared by hotels and restaurants was also enjoyed by all.

Browne said the annual picnic coincided with the NAB’s mandate to focus on leisure activities for the aged.

One Response to Dire situation

  1. dave May 25, 2016 at 7:33 am

    The Government cant do this and cant do that but can spend money on insignificant Independence celebrations, attempt to raise their salaries and waste money on Cahill and such like.

    Whenever this blighted party forms the Government everything gets hard, life becomes a despair and they tell lies make excuses and blame others and situations that do not exist e.g the World Recession – (that finished in 2009) . They and their economic advisers just get it wrong and each time they get into the office of Government , they pursue the same philosophy and the same method of dealing with the tricky and challenging Barbados economy with the same result: threats of devaluation; workers laid off; they cut salaries instead of raising salaries. Civil Servants never get a proper increase in salaries—then out of frustration the electorate relieves the country of the imbeciles–in comes the BLP -restores the situation; rescues Barbados—the country becomes great again– the people get comfortable ; take things for granted – DLP supporters curse the BLP Government ; tag on a few untruths ; call for change and wham bam — the ignorant people vote DLP –AND cRASH !! wHAM !! bANH ! bANG –we back in the same deep dark hole. The DLP throws the country in a hole 30 feet deep ; throws you a ladder that is 16 feet and then praise themselves and say they helping you —

    People Wake Up – See whats going on !


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