Relieve us!

St John residents cry out for water woes

Residents of St John say they have been crying out for help with “no relief,” and chief among the challenges is the current water crisis.

“It is very frustrating,” Ronald Waithe a constituent, told a Barbados Labour Party (BLP) meeting last night at the Gill and Gollop Centre of the St John Parish Church.

Frustrated St John resident Ronald Waithe.
Frustrated St John resident Ronald Waithe.

The constituency is one of the many battling with severe water shortages and consistent water outages that have been blamed on the drought.

“It is not so much so that there is drought and that they [the Barbados Water Authority] are rationing water, it is how you are rationing water,” Waithe told the audience which included Opposition representives Cynthia Forde, Kerrie Symmonds, and Santia Bradshaw.

Opposition representives, including (from left) Santia Bradshaw, Cynthia Forde, Kerrie Symmonds,  along with former St Michael South East representative DeLisle Bradshaw.
Opposition representives, including (from left) Santia Bradshaw, Cynthia Forde, Kerrie Symmonds, along with former St Michael South East representative DeLisle Bradshaw.

“Pray tell me why there are certain individuals that their pipes don’t go off at all and mine goes off three and four times a day?” he asked, suggesting the matter was political.

“The water that we are getting is between midnight and four o’clock in the morning . . . You know how many times I get catch with soap on my body? That is because there is no set pattern, and that is the biggest problem we have and there are many,” Waithe contended.

The outspoken St John resident also charged that commercial banks were no longer “trusting cross cheques from the Government”, as he was now forced to wait a number of days to access monies from such transactions.

BLP hopeful Fabian “Dandelion” Jones said that he had also encountered similar difficulties, explaining that it was one the reasons he was seeking the nod to represent the people
of St John.

A resident of Messiah Street, St John, Jones described the water woes facing the parish as simply intolerable.

“St John has no voice, there is no representation and that is a huge problem right now . . . in St John,” Jones said.

One of his rivals, Dr George Brathwaite, charged: “The problem in St John is not necessarily water alone, it is not necessarily roads alone, it is not necessarily street lighting or by itself the high unemployment among our youth, we have a problem of non representation.”

3 Responses to Relieve us!

  1. Alex Alleyne May 24, 2016 at 6:45 am


  2. Leroy May 24, 2016 at 9:45 am

    We deserve the Gov we voted for.

  3. dave May 24, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    The BLP has not concentrated enough in St. John and that is a big mistake. The party hopefuls only get animated at election time-typical laid back island attitude. The BLP should be keeping meetings – Public meetings throughout St. John from day to day ; year to year . If you abandon the St. John people and then rush in when an election is due, you aint going to get anywhere with St. John people-You have to work on them and bring light to their darkness. St. John people still feel that Errol Barrow running for the seat. It is like some Japanese soldiers in the Jungle who feel that World War 2 still going on.

    The BLP is making a big mistake They should seek to unseat the DLP from that const. But all these politicians are in co , so I don’t really mind them. The people who usually get shafted is the so-called ordinary people -whoever they are or whatever that means !


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