GUYANA – Drunk driving cop faces court

GEORGETOWN ––The policeman, who struck down and killed a ten-year-old boy in an accident at Sisters Village, West Bank Demerara (WBD) on Sunday, will be charged for causing death and driving under the influence of alcohol.

The cop will be appearing at the Wales Magistrate’s Court Thursday. This was revealed by acting Traffic Chief, Superintendent Boodnarine Persaud.

Davin Sealey

The Head of the Traffic Department said that police have to set examples not be the examples. Persaud said that last Sunday’s incident has caused the force some level of embarrassment.

For years, traffic officers have been calling on civilians to be responsible on the country’s roadway. They have made numerous calls for persons to get a driver when they are intoxicated.

Civilians have been charged and placed before the courts for driving under the influence. However, the force was criticized on many occasions for failing to charge police ranks for DUI.

Wednesday, Persaud said that the cop will be used as an example to other police ranks.

Kaieteur News was told that the rank, who killed the child, Davin Sealey, only entered the force three months ago.

The ten-year-old schoolboy was killed after a speeding car, driven by a police constable, smashed into him on the Sisters Village, West Bank Demerara (WBD) Public Road, in the vicinity of the area’s post office.

The cop’s vehicle only came to a stop after hitting a parked vehicle on the roadway and slamming into a utility pole before turning turtle on the roadway.

Sealey’s mother, Tealica Thomas, said that her son left home to go in search of his father when he met his demise.

“I was home and my husband come and call me. When I run out on the road, they done take he to the hospital,” a devastated Thomas said. She added that when she was taken to the hospital to see her son, he was already dead. “He was crushed. His neck break, his hands and feet break up.”

The child’s father, Dion Sealey, said that he was standing in front of his mother’s home, talking to his brother when he noticed the car speed past the Wales Police Station and then it passed him on the road.

“I see this car speeding going, and then I see like the driver lost control of the vehicle and hit someone and then it hit a car that was parked on the road and crashed into the pole, but I didn’t know it was my son get hit,” the man said.

He added that he rushed to the scene to see who was struck down. That was when he saw it was his son.

“When I run to see who get knock down, I see my son lying there in blood and it looked like he was already dead,” the boy’s father recounted.

He explained that his son was taken to the hospital by a neighbour while the police constable was transported to the hospital by ranks attached to the Wales Station.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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  1. Debera May 19, 2016 at 10:45 pm

    He got to be real crazy,that officer he is something else,may his blesses little sole rest in peace.


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