Blame the weed

Crichlow said drugs and alcohol caused violent behaviour

todays courtA Skeete’s Road, Garden Land, St Michael man charged with attempting to choke his girlfriend walked out of court today virtually hand-in-hand with the woman he is accused
of assaulting.

Kenroy Crichlow is charged with assaulting his girlfriend and another person Stephen Phillips in the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal on December 28, 2015. Crichlow pleaded guilty
to both charges.

The court heard that Crichlow, who has two children with his girlfriend, approached her and enquired about the children. The court heard that the woman was about to walk away when Crichlow grabbed her and a struggle ensued. He then turned his attention to Phillips who was nearby, and a quarrel broke out between them.

The facts also revealed that Crichlow’s girlfriend intervened and he held her in her throat and started to choke her. Bystanders came to her rescue, pulling the accused away from her.

It was not immediately clear how Phillips was related to either the accused or his girlfriend, however, the court was told that while Crichlow was leaving the terminal, he approached Phillips and cuffed him in his face, causing him to fall to the ground.

The matter was reported to the police resulting in Crichlow’s arrest yesterday after he was released from prison on an unrelated matter. When asked by the magistrate if he had anything to say, Crichlow said that in hindsight, he realized he had an anger problem precipitated by his drinking and marijuana smoking. He said he thought about what he had done and had sought counselling from the National Council on Substance Abuse.

The bright spot in the entire matter emerged when Crichlow told the court that after being released from jail yesterday, he apologized to his girlfriend and they are back together again.

Throughout the hearing, the 28-year-old’s girlfriend was in court unknown to the magistrate who was instructing Crichlow to stay away from the two victims. The magistrate then called on the girlfriend who confirmed that all was well between them and that she had allowed him to see the children without any problems. Magistrate Cuffy-Sargeant therefore told him in light of what the girlfriend had said, there would be no need to order him to stay away from her, but he still must keep far from the other victim, Phillips.

Crichlow and his girlfriend left the court together after the accused was released on $7,000 bail with his mother as the surety. He is to return to court on June 2.

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  1. Steve C. May 18, 2016 at 8:41 am

    Keep an eye out for round two in any abusive relationship that is swept aside for love’s sake.Will he quit drinking and smoking marijuana? I guess this young lady will say she loves him very much and wants to forgive him ;that is, until the next occurrence ,which might be worse than the previous one.


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