Dismal Dames

Former powerhouse slip up yet again to the Wales

It seems the fat lady will begin to sing pretty soon if the once mighty Clayton’s Kola Tonic Notre Dame do not win their remaining five games in round two of the Digicel-sponsored Barbados Football Association’s Premier League.

Last night at the Wildey, St Michael AstroTurf, the Dames currently at the bottom of the table in relegation zone suffered a 3-1 defeat against Weymouth Wales who started the match with ten men and came from being down 1-0 to capture another convincing win.

Kemar Headley (left) of Weymouth Wales dribbles past Bryan Neblett of Claytons Kola Tonic Notre Dame. (Picture by Morissa Lindsay)
Kemar Headley (left) of Weymouth Wales dribbles past Bryan Neblett of Claytons Kola Tonic Notre Dame. (Picture by Morissa Lindsay)

As early as the third minute into the game Notre Dame took the lead through Bryan Neblett who capitalized on a golden opportunity when striker Antone Greaves took a shot from the left and the ball bounced directly in front the goal bars past Wales’ custodian Omari Eastmond. He failed to make the stop and that allowed Neblett to run from the other side and slot the ball low into the far left corner of the bars.

A couple minutes later after that goal Kemar Headley finally showed up for the game and made his way on to the field and the Wales unit proved even stronger from there on. In fact Headley wasted no time finding the equalizer in the 30th minute to make it 1-1. But of course it did not rest there as both sides went in search of more goals and Wales who had most of the ball possession had Notre Dame’s defence of Shane Mottley and Mario Marshall hard at work. With just under a minute to go to end the first-half there was a mishap, with a Marshall tackle leaving Antonio Thomas with a broken left foot.

At the start of the second half Jason King replaced Thomas and Wales wasted no time taking a 2-1 advantage. In the 54th minute what can only be described as a freak goal was scored when a corner was taken and Jabar Greene’s shot found Notre Dame’s goalkeeper Kareem Farrell who got a touch on the ball which bounced and spun over his head and into the back of the nets.

Then coming on the latter stages in the 88th  minute Hadan Holligan made it goal number three when he took control of play up the left flank, broke inside the box and struck the ball past Farrell who was totally beaten.

As it currently stands Notre Dame who are still in relegation zone in ninth place on eight points, will have to face Pinelands who are last on the Premiership table this coming Thursday at the Turf and that should be an interesting encounter.

Meanwhile at the top of the table, University of the West Indies Blackbirds are out front on 36 points, Barbados Defence Force Sports Programme have 32 and Direct TV Paradise are on 31. Wales are in fourth place on 28 and Mackeson Brittons Hill are fifth with 20 points.

Last night Brittons Hill were beaten 3-1 thanks to two goals from midfielder Carl Joseph who netted in the 7th and 38th minutes while Romano Snagg accounted for another goal in the 75th. Alvin Welch netted Brittons Hill’s lone goal of the match.

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