Lloyd pays tribute to Cozier

Former West Indies captain Clive Lloyd has described the late Tony Cozier as the voice West Indian people listened to and the pen that wrote of the West Indies’ exploits.

Cozier, the iconic broadcaster, editor and cricket writer, died yesterday at the age of 75. During his career that spanned almost six decades, Cozier covered the rise of West Indies cricket under Lloyd’s leadership and its subsequent fall into mediocrity.

Tony Cozier (left) and Clive Lloyd.
Tony Cozier (left) and Clive Lloyd.

“He saw West Indies cricket grow and blossom and has been in all eras of our cricket,” said Lloyd, who captained the West Indies from 1974 to 1985.

“In the ‘70s and ‘80s when we did extremely well, he was the voice and the eyes through which people saw our game. He was the voice they listened to, his was the pen which wrote of our exploits.”

Lloyd, who oversaw a halcyon era in West Indies cricket, said Cozier had made an outstanding contribution to the regional and international game.

“It is sad news to hear that the voice of West Indies cricket is gone,” said Lloyd.

Cozier co-wrote Lloyd’s book, Living for Cricket published in 1980, and shared an amicable relationship with the Guyanese captain.

“I did my first book with him and it was a pleasure to be associated with him over the years. We have lost a great man. He left some wonderful memories with us and his voice will be remembered forever around the world,” Lloyd said.

Source: (Sportsmax)

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