Gunned down

Family rocked by City proprietor’s shooting death

The month of May has been a sad one for Elaine Forde, a mother who lost her “golden boy” after he was riddled with  bullets last night.

Elaine Forde, 89, expressed shock over the death of her son Colin Forde who tragically lost his life after being shot at Baxter’s Road,  St Michael Tuesday night.
Elaine Forde, 89, expressed shock over the death of her son Colin Forde who tragically lost his life after being shot at Baxter’s Road, St Michael Tuesday night.

Police are searching for two assailants, who are believed to be responsible for the death of 50-year-old Colin Forde of 10th Avenue New Orleans, St Michael.

Colin Forde succumbed to gunshot wounds last night at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
Colin Forde succumbed to gunshot wounds last night at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

It was around 7:30 p.m. when Forde met his untimely death.

The proprietor of Colin’s Sports Bar and Lounge was reportedly sitting outside his Baxter’s Road, St Michael establishment when he was accosted and shot by the two gunmen, who apparently ran off in the direction of the playing field at Passage Road.

Overcome with emotion, the victim’s elderly mother said news of her son’s death could not have come at a worst time.

Today marked the 3rd anniversary of her husband’s – Colin’s father – death.

As she searched aloud for answers to the latest tragedy, she acknowledged that her son, who was carrying on the business his father had left behind, “used to wear a lot of gold on his neck”.

Still, the 89-year-old mother, who was visibly shaken by her son’s death, was adamant that this was no reason for him to be gunned down right in front of his shop door.

“It is such a sad thing, I can’t handle it,” said Forde, as she sobbed quietly.

The devastated mother said she was only told of Colin’s death this morning. That’s when her granddaughter sat her down to tell her the heart breaking news.

Her eyes welled with tears, she said even before the tragic words were uttered from her granddaughter’s lips, she knew in her gut that something terrible had happened to her only son, who not only looked after the family business, but her general welfare.

“I say, ‘Colin dead?’ That is the only thing that I could think because he is out there on Baxter’s Road and if something happen he would call the others.

“And she would not tell me. So then somebody called, and she looked at me.
I say, ‘Colin dead? Something happen with Colin?’ And she said, ‘yes’,”  the mother recalled.

There was no final goodbye, no opportunity for closure, nothing at all.

But Elaine will forever treasure her memories of her son, who always looked out for his mother.

In fact, it was around lunch time yesterday when she last saw him alive.
Even then, as he came home for lunch, he was more concerned about if she if she had eaten.

She said they spoke for a while before he left again for work.

Ironically, during that last conversation, Elaine had asked her son to take her to her husband’s gravesite in St Mary’s churchyard.

Even on his deathbed, Colin remained concerned about his mother’s wellbeing.

“I understand he call on the phone and tell them when he get shoot not to let mummy know, not to tell mummy anything,” she said, adding, “I am going to miss him”.

Today, as the elderly woman sat at her home, surrounded by family and friends, there was no denying the pain and hurt she was feeling as she called on her precious memories of her son. Elaine recalled how big he was at birth and that even when he went to live on his own, he visited her everyday.

Colin’s son Raheim Forde said he was outside his home “chilling” when he got the dreadful news that his father was shot.

Raheim Forde is saddened by the loss of his father Colin Forde.
Raheim Forde is saddened by the loss of his father Colin Forde.

The 22-year-old said he rushed to the bar which his father had recently renovated, where he saw him lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

Raheim said his father was trying to tell him about incident, but found it difficult to get the words out, as it was evident that he had lost a significant amount of blood.

“He went to the hospital and they said he lost too much blood. He died roughly around five minutes to 12 [a.m.]. He just lost too much blood,” the victim’s son recalled.

Raheim remembers his dad as a cool, funny guy who loved to hang out with family and friends. He also “liked a lot of jewelry”, he said of the man who raised him and his siblings Corey and Shenise.

He said throughout the years, he was always fearful that one day his father would be robbed of his jewelry, but had hoped that the worst would never happen to his dad.

“He is very stubborn, so I guess he fought back and that put he where he is now. But I hope the police do what they have to do,” Raheim told Barbados TODAY.

Though he tried to remain strong for his grandmother’s benefit, it was obvious that the news was also hard for him to swallow.

Colin attended the defunct St Anthony’s Secondary School. He later migrated to the United States on a lawn tennis scholarship before returning home.

A couple of years ago there was another shooting incident at his shop. However this one ended in Colin’s death.

5 Responses to Gunned down

  1. Julian Reifer
    Julian Reifer May 12, 2016 at 12:01 am

    They should put out a reward for information, like they would do if it was a Canadian or Englishman. Somebody knows who them criminals are.

  2. Inola Sam
    Inola Sam May 12, 2016 at 12:52 am

    So very sad and painful to see this mother hurt like this I pray that God brings comfort to this mother and her family…

  3. Vernon Chandler May 12, 2016 at 6:37 am

    And this is the extent of how far the sympathy for this victim & his family will go. After this article the murderers will be caught & this mother & this son will no longer be mentioned or even given a thought. Instead all sympathy & love will be transferred to the murderers & THEIR family & we will hear about how we must forgive them & give them a second chance in society because Jesus said to do so & we must not be an unforgiving society. And their mothers & sisters will go in the media & say how they have changed & how they are loving people who deserve a second chance.
    And don’t anyone dare mention the death penalty for them. That will be sacrilege in Barbados. We will hear that these men do not deserve to die & that they have mothers & fathers & sisters, who will all break down & give heart-rending sobs in the courtyard which the media will plaster on the front page, & we will hear that killing them wont bring back the victim (who was the victim & his son & mother again? Oh it doesn’t matter, they are not important any longer).
    So let us all cherish this article because it is all that we will probably ever see that speaks about the pain of this mother & this son & this family who has just lost their loved one from some loving, kind men who pumped four bullets in his body for a gold chain.
    So we can now put this family behind us & prepare to love & forgive the loving kind men when (or if) they are caught by the police. After all, we do not want to be an unforgiving society.

    • Olutoye Walrond May 12, 2016 at 6:17 pm

      I might not have put it in the same words, but I do agree with your sentiments. The whole society has become really soft on crime. It just seems that criminals can have little to no deterrent to shooting, robbing and licking up.

      This level of gun crime is unprecedented in our history, and you would think that the society would have responded with firm measures to stem the tide, like Jamaica did back in the 80’s when guns threatened to bring that country to its knees.

      Instead, what we continue to get are philosophical speeches, empty words which, at the end of the day, will do nothing but create vibrations in the air.

  4. Margaret Ross-Salavarria May 12, 2016 at 10:57 pm

    Sincere condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of Colin Forde. Safe travels to him and God’s speed.


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