Mourners demand justice for Jason

A large crowd, some with posters and burning candles, turned out this evening for a candlelight vigil to reflect on the life of Dwayne Jason Omar Gooding who was killed on April 22.

Gooding of My Lord’s Hill, St Michael was returning home from White’s Shop in Martinique Road, Government Hill when he was attacked along a pathway not far from the retail outlet.

Dwayne Gooding’s grieving friends carrying posters.
Dwayne Gooding’s grieving friends carrying posters.

Police have arrested and charged Omar Oneal Hurdle, 33, of 3rd Avenue, Ivy, St Michael with his murder.

Some wept quietly, while others expressed their sorrow through words as they continued to mourn the unexpected death of the young man who was known by members of the community as a friendly and quiet person.

Family members and friends who participated in the march lamented that Gooding did not deserve to die, and called for justice to be served.

“Justice for Jason,” the crowd chanted intermittently.

Gooding’s best friend Michelle Clovis, who played a major role in organizing the event, told those gathered that it was time to end the violence.

“I knew Gooding most of my life. We came up together, we ran around together and we shared a lot of memories together. He was the best friend anyone could have had. He was also very calm and cool. He did not deserve the injustice or the demise he came to meet.

“I want to ask everyone to fight against all the violence. We as young people need to know when to stop. Jason died so we could live and preach this in his name,” the young woman said.

Gooding’s cousin Pastor Lemuel Rawlins of Faith Temple Ministries told the mourners that as they gathered to celebrate the young man’s life that had been “stupidly cut off”, they should pray for this family, the man who ended his life and all of Barbados.

He said something was drastically wrong when a young man could be simply walking home and he could become the innocent victim of a vicious attack.

“I want you in your hearts, in your own way to be constantly praying for this nation that there would be no more Jasons; that there would be no more incidences like this that would bring people together to light a candle to commemorate the life of a slain brother of sister,” Rawlins preached.

Gooding’s mother, Gale, and his father, Alphonso were too grief-stricken to speak. His 76-year-old grandmother Shirley Gooding could be seen wiping tears from her eyes.

The procession left Gooding’s home, made its way to the White’s Shop and into the Ivy, ending at St Giles Nursery School.

2 Responses to Mourners demand justice for Jason

  1. Chandler May 7, 2016 at 9:03 am

    Rest in Peace Jason

  2. maxjustina May 7, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    I read in this medium that a few weeks before his tragic death, Jason (peace be on his soul) had informed his mother that out of all the students that were in his class, he and another were alive.

    It would be interesting to make contact with that guy who is still alive today and to have an interview with him. We need to see if we can keep him alive until well into his old age. Why am I making such statements?

    There is a know history surrounding the school and person(s) connected with that school. Some of you will remember? Is the past principal still alive today? If so, could he be interviewed as to his comments on what Jason has told his mother? There is yet a deeper question to ask but I would not state it here for various reasons but some of you who are reading this comment would have an idea where I am “going” with such questions.

    Please, look for the lone guy from the class who is standing and do all in your power to keep his alive until old age. Please, reclaim him from the powers of darkness. Many of our children in our schools today may be in the same predicament as those boys of Jason’s class. May Yahoveh the Most High, for the sake of his son Yeshua Mahachian, redeem that young man’s soul from the chains of hell before he passes on as well. Please, take him for Deliverance. You will be surprised to hear what comes out of his mouth under such an anointing. FIND HIM AND SAVE HIM BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.


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